I did it yAl! Sang my way up out that joint ! I'm going home! If only for a second !
  • iamjhudI did it yAl! Sang my way up out that joint ! I'm going home! If only for a second !

  • carmelizedkimchiIs that Tom cruise???
  • carmelizedkimchiWhy us everyone on here obsessed with her weight or past weight? Shit, y'all need to go sit on something.
  • happyaimoThick may be nice, i loved jhud as thick, but if only u knew the self confidence gained when u loose this much weight. I know how she feels, havin lost 2 dress sizes myself, i feel so motivated, cos i feel sexy and powerful. But i hav reached my limit cos i'm big boned, considering my BMI. So jhud, pls know your limit. Dnt let society push u to do more than your body can handle. Luv ur powerful voice girl, Keep soaring higher
  • yaoidumplingI like the thick u jus saying:/
  • 805caliLooking good!
  • ayyejayyeTommy!
  • erick114@iamjhud digging the outfit your on fire mama 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍✨
  • ladyplevyWe must meet!!
  • kingg_kashGet off my girl page 😂😂😂😂
  • ayyeeheatherI hope I can meet, I am your biggest fan. Ive been there since dreamgirls.  I know all the songs (I sing) I know all the words. Ive been to all the plays. I saw the 3 stooges just to see you. And looking forward to you and Jacob latimores movie. Don't stop, your my inspiration!!
  • faithsta77She looks good AND healthy! But I would like to say to beware of the scientologist next to you!
  • klamgram@stoula04 inspirationnnnnn 💗💗
  • casualtikaI
  • moneymlkeluv u god bless u
  • senorita876Saggy ass tits, floppy arms and bacon back fat.. Eek
  • shejustsexxyComing from a chick with Blue hair get yo life we classy in the Chi thats my Girl u must be jealous of her SUCCESS how many grammies do u have? How many movies have u made? What I can tell u is this I bet she's not trying to get ahead by talking down on the next person ur pathetic Honey LMMFAO at your hattin clown ass. I bet u broke and don't have anything else to do while we stay Jet bound again sweetie get yo life lol.
  • jordann.ashlee@thank u @justsexyy..hate is such a terrible emotion..As old folks would say..If you ain't got nothing nice to say..don't say nothing at all..keep being happy an successful jhud..u will really drive the haters crazy
  • von.feedzzI was there!!!!!!!!
  • mzmaine_@geauxmotta her arm fat has more significance than your life. Stop hatin
  • terrisweet16Jennifer hudson come my house chirstams surprise me kown my name jakayla penn
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