• pftompkinsThank you @johnmulaney & @amtendler for putting together a great show for a great cause. I was proud to be a part of it! Innocenceproject.org

  • drewpmurphyWow two of the very best in the same show. Woulda paid crazy money to been there
  • allgrownsupSo good!
  • joeypedrasWoah
  • hmjfcPaul wins the pretty hands contest.
  • cjgerbI couldn't make the show, but just knowing these two men performed on the same stage tonight makes the world seem like a pretty swell place
  • jennybgoodeTwo of my favorite comedians! Rad.
  • canoodlycarliYou know what's missing...red sharpie
  • tundrasaurusHow in fuck did u miss this @bittyme
  • dannieguzI loooooove you both! I hope one day I can meet you guys! :)
  • melsalrightThe handsomest of the funny boys! For a good cause! Grand.
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