My Dad is with the Lord. Love you forever LTrain. You finished strong. Take your rest, and do your dance. Let the wild hog eat. I’ll make you proud.
  • stevenfurtickMy Dad is with the Lord. Love you forever LTrain. You finished strong. Take your rest, and do your dance. Let the wild hog eat. I’ll make you proud.

  • darlenegesweinKnow that you are in the hearts and prayers from Ohio
  • chinaberryredLove and prayers to you and yours during this time Pastor Steven. May you have absolute joy in knowing that your Father is dancing on streets of gold! Son, stand still and Know that our Savior reigns♥
  • dotgmaI pray Our Lord comfort and hold you and your family through this time of sorrow. Love and prayers DP
  • theo_kenonDeepest sympathy to you and your dad Pastor Steve and Holly...may the Father comfort you and your you both from afar...
  • sonflower75Love and prayers from the Markham's in moncks corner..kevin, nikki, hannah, and haleigh.
  • lindsayjs1Lifting you and your amazing family up for an out poor of Gods love and blessings to rain down on you as he heals your pain. God bless you and all you have done as a vehicle for Christ!
  • ejhcltI'm 9 and I go to Elevation. I am at the Matthews location. You have made a change in my life and every time I come, it makes an impact on my life. Before I went to Elevation I never wanted to go to church. Now I wait all week looking forward to church . I just want you to know how much of an impact you've made on me and my family. Thank you and god bless you and you're family.
  • 60littlepiggiesPraying for your family
  • s.p.sidiHey I was wonderin if you would come to my church and share a message with us. We are a big fan of elevation and I went to the branch in Rock Hill, SC. @pastorsteven
  • peter_casey_Just a little guy from Aus, but one of many big fans of the furtick family and Elevation. You know he is already super proud of you but as you shift gears, burn some rubber my friend. God bless you all with His amazing peace at this time.
  • 45zephyr@pastorsteven sending prayers for Peace and Strength to wash over you today.
  • aprilscipioPraying for grace and strength to overtake you and your family!
  • jaredp2001I love you @pastorsteven and just know he is with the great and mighty GOD. With all the lives you hav changed he would be proud
  • jaredp2001I'll be praying for your family
  • charlottedraper_Bless you guys, you've come very far.💕
  • felicia.urioste@pastorsteven Prayers for you and your family <3
  • reeshalneshanianI'm sorry for your loss but its such a great blessing, gift knowing that your dad is with our Father in Heaven!!!
  • hanezg_Bless your family, Pastor Steven. The L-Train is in the hands of the good Lord. Praying for you guys!
  • saiyanvibeLtrain pretty blessed to leave a tremendous legacy in his son. Prayers of healing, comfort, and renewal upon your family. <3
  • kaylah_cranor12I might only be 12 but in church all the other preachers or pastors talked about you and your dad and I made sure I kept him and you and your family in my prayers and they did a great job preaching they made the crowd laugh but at the same time spreading gods word
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