• russwest44...

  • urpigYou R best.
  • nickswaggre3rd best PG? Ever? Maybe 3rd in the league right now, disrespect, Westbrook is a tremendous athlete but c'mon he's not even a pg he's a Sg if I had KD on my team I'd get 8 apg too
  • nickswaggreNo disrespect*
  • _robert.novak@bigpapanicklai u r wrong. He's the r best
  • _robert.novakAnd 5 ever
  • nickswaggreWow. You're just an idiot Thunder fan.
  • ziere_on_drumsHe is the best pg in the game today
  • joeymatz77@knickfiumara no he's legit look he has videos of himself
  • nickswaggre@joeymatz77 your comment makes no sense. I said he's nowhere near a top 5 pg of all time and certainly not the best in the league NOW.
  • nickswaggreNever said I could guard him, he just isn't the best pg in the NBA yet sorry @mr_show_time11
  • nickswaggreChris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker, Curry are better better point guards. Point guards are supposed to PASS the ball, not chuck up bricks. I'll give it to Russell, he has knocked down more threes and outside shots, and is probably a better overall player than everyone I mentioned besides CP3. But they are better point guards, because they pass the ball and do it well.
  • thewolf.of.all.streets@nickswaggre PG runs a team nd helps them win. It's scoring pgs(hardaway,rose,Westbrook) nd its playmaking pgs(Nash,Kidd,Rondo). Ur bias saying others are better bcuz they playmaking pgs which is not Tru at all. Depends on ur team winning as well as success
  • nickswaggreRight, so how can you run a team if you don't pass the damn ball? I was just tryna make a point, ppl on here were saying that Westbrook is the best PG to ever play. He's not even the best PG now. There's teams where the PG has to score, like John Wall, Kemba Walker, because they don't have anybody else. But when Westbrook has the leading scorer on his team, and he takes more shots some games, that's fucked up.
  • pesocapone@money_machine_mack
  • jarenskillz978@nickswaggre youre a faggot bro westbrook is the best
  • nickswaggreLmao good thing he's 0-14 in the last 3 overtimes right? @jarenskillz978 he's top 5 but not the best
  • courtneypastoreLove you and ^ stfu He's amazing
  • kingb3bo_1Shut your bich ass up @nickswaggre
  • kid.thatdidHonestly Stephen curry has been doing the best this season, as far as other seasons Westbrook is the best
  • kid.thatdidI am speaking from experience and stats @nickswaggre
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