Congrats shayne  I love u @shayneaudra  so proud of you...
  • nikimurphyCongrats shayne I love u @shayneaudra so proud of you...

  • quincera@nikimurphy ur so correct! I'm glad u set the hater straight. Congrats shayne. Enjoy ur gift cause u deserve it. Gr8 job nicole
  • quincera@bria_murphy @nikimurphy this where we as a society fail our kids. Here it is we have a beautiful young lady, behaving well, successful at school. Not because she has to, but because she is self driven. Instead of this hater seeing that, she not happy about the car? A car that her parents got her? Isn't that crazy!!!!! Ppl need to mind their business and shut up if u have nothing good to say. Keep doing ur thing Murphy ladies!
  • jerseygrownscorpioCongratulations Mama! That's my dream truck!
  •'s not about being able to afford something. Congrats. I would just be a bit concerned that I would be effecting my child's motivation to be successful in life is all. Whats to strive for if all the dope shit is just given to you. Excellent taste though.
  • vlapping18? Wow! Thats some grad gift. #givetoneedy
  • mommie90265If I could afford it I would have done the same for my baby who just graduated. I'm a proud mama & we do nice things for our babies.
  • 8stikabooEddie did good!🙌 Congrats.
  • 8stikabooCongrats Shayneaudra! The sky's NOT the limit! Keep pushing on!
  • 629gwenOmg
  • poppiicedeDaddy roques!!!
  • teedixon3That car 🚘 🙌
  • gtclarke718Nice
  • astounding_queenfee@nikimurphy you are amazingly beautiful nice ride for the princess
  • supavisualsI NEED A RIDE.... :P
  • teamjack06Bless Nice Ride !!!&Congrats
  • mycacouture@jcharris399
  • shahiemhardy1I would be happy if I could just get a Honda to go to school in my parents never bought me shit Lol! What a blessing God is awesome!
  • chicagobarbie00Lovely ride for a lovely young lady.
  • pitterian@lavishbyposh
  • tabithaca5ey@helianyb @princess.asf car goals
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