Ed Reed boarding the bus! #RavensAtTheWH
  • ravensEd Reed boarding the bus! #RavensAtTheWH

  • patrick2591@seekwisdompracticehumility Miss that guy being a Raven! Never thought he'd be on another team or Ray Lewis would retire😰😰
  • carlosflores28More then glad he can make it, still sucks anquan will miss all this :/
  • seekwisdompracticehumilityOoooooohh ok I see @lax_king_warren is a 6th grade kid no wonder why his making foolish comment like that, he's just a kid y'all that's the age :)
  • delightful_freeYou will be missed Ed Reed!!!
  • capocollins@lax_king_warren you haven't even lived long enough to understand who Ed Reed really is FOH
  • t_mo26These motherfuckers who say 'fuck ed reed, he's a texan, shouldn't be on the bus blah blah blah', you have no respect or class. The man is a legend. He moved on to another chapter of his life, and made a shitload of money doing it. He'll always be a raven. He may currently be wearing a texans uniform, but he's a fucking raven. You hate jarrett johnson, too? Or do you even fucking know who jj is? Bandwagon fucks. @lax_king_warren @royaltybybirth @str8_shaolin
  • t_mo26Also, flacco's money didn't mean shit for losing ed reed. The man is old, hurt, and can't tackle anymore. The texans payed for his name. His legacy. I mean he's ed fucking reed. Fact is, he's not the player he once was, and that's why the ravens were smart to let him go. I was just as heartbroken as you at first. But after I sat and thought, and did a little research and got some information, I see why. You can't just pay for past play, you pay for what's left. And ozzie saw what's left isn't worth 15 mil. @datkiddre @justin_myers_
  • warrenevans__U shut yhe fuck up u dumm ass bitch
  • 4evertominating@teemo26 preach
  • mherbs13Reeeed!
  • chefbizz@royaltybybirth @lax_king_warren both you are dumb as dirt and shouldn't even be ravens fans after those comments #speds
  • lilkimmibmorecarefoolLove that scene Bmore is in the house....
  • t_mo26@lax_king_warren I'm a "dumm ass bitch"? Did you turn off spell check or something? Tired of every other word you type getting underlined huh? Explain to me how I'm the "dumm ass bitch". Just because I shut down your fucking ignorant opinion with facts? Also because I can spell? Well excuse me.
  • warrenevans__Shut the fuck u wanna be adult u a fucking lame as person that don't know football
  • warrenevans__No your not a dumm as bitch your mom is
  • jakescaggsGuys seriously Ed reed left because he would have a higher amount of money I mean we replaced him with just as good safety's he's gunna retire anyway and to everyone who is saying the ravens suck well ur wrong we won the Super Bowl :)
  • buckin__@lax_king_warren cause u are a cock
  • t_mo26@js39111 thank you. A person with a little fucking sense. And @lax_king_warren what the fuck makes you think I don't know football? I know what I'm fucking talking about. If any of what I said doesn't make sense, just let me know, mayb i cud tipe itt lyk dis 4 u 2 unserdtand a litl bit betur.
  • jphillips3324🚌🏃
  • jakescaggsIkr
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