Testing today!
  • steveletarteTesting today!

  • ydarbnevets#hellacool
  • carolinarulezWant more pics
  • its.just.jaeGreat pic Steve!
  • henroid2Where the fuck would they test at dumbass
  • henroid2It's too bad you guys can't test restarts because he's the second worst at it in cup behind the 5 car
  • brycejmmoorethat's nd and get out of here if your gonna be a jerk @henroid2
  • henroid2I've been a jr fan since he drove the mom and pops car. He needs to step his game up, I'm tired of rooting for someone who can't restart or adjust his car throughout the race so step off
  • fstfredThe 2nd worst at it behind the 5 car, so I guess your saying you have seen every other cup driver do a restart, hmmm I guess. And step off, who talks like that anymore. Your parents should be slaped for letting you speak that way @henroid2
  • jts_7@henroid2 agreed. Dale was off to one hell of a start this season but has since dropped off the map yet somehow still in the top 10. Team mistakes/ driver mistakes over and over again. Track bar, battery, engine, loose lug nut, poor restarts, staying out and only gaining like 3 spots on the track then pitting and having a caution come out going a lap down. The list goes on. Agonizing to watch Dale sometimes. He needs to be more aggressive and smart at the same time. I can't even watch a restart he looses at least 5 spots every time. I will be a junior fan forever though. Time to get the ball rolling and win some races!!!!
  • fstfredOpps *slapped*
  • ridge35Last time I checked he drives the car while you jerks drive your hungry mans and beer
  • fstfredExactly @ridge35
  • moracingThanks for sharing the pix
  • thegreyghost88@steveletarte good luck this weekend. Need a little redemption from the same race that got away last year!
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