• official_flo(((STRONGARM)))

  • jtsmooth88Damn big ass chain
  • diva_da_celebrityZoe lol
  • kingdroyaltyTurndownforwhat
  • bugottipesh79@official_flo got damn Ron May. My dawg. Lol
  • aussieflavourFlo and Ron.. 2 cool cats!!
  • dobrown7@official_flo THEM NIGGAS!
  • sgmworld😎 Ron May!! In the building #accessunlimited2013
  • sonia_adamayONE FLOOOOOO :-*
  • nhbnks@official_flo Miami is garbage they r lucky to still be playing... Next season when Chicago is healthy Miami doesn't stand a chance... The Heat are weak and the city of Miami is weak
  • vbarrios2@nhbnks wtf. Chicago sucks, they r dirty players. Sore losers r what they are. They didn't stand a chance against Miami. Miami is better than Chicago. The bulls are weak and the city of Chicago is weak. Watch the way u talk about Miami
  • nhbnks@vbarrios2 I agree they didn't have much of a chance because more than half of their starters were injured you idiot... Miami's run is over after this year so enjoy it while you can... Miami is the toilet of America and the people from Miami are the turds
  • vbarrios2@champagnepapi_3 look at this clown.
  • vbarrios2@champagnepapi_3 look at this clown.
  • 305geminiChild please you just mad...get on the bandwagon with the rest of the #HEAt HATERs...and oh by the way. ..we will take it again next year...u guys had your chance this year..talking about weak..take a look in the mirror and stop trying to find a excuse. ..my goodness @nhbnks
  • vbarrios2@nhbnks Your just mad cuz the bulls lost. Suck it up they suck and who u calling an idiot loser
  • vbarrios2@geminishell thank you, this guy is a joke @nhbnks at least someone other than me is telling u.
  • nhbnks@vbarrios2 @geminishell you are women... Your opinion doesn't matter when it comes to sports #stoptalking
  • vbarrios2@nhbnks how the hell do you have a girlfriend with the way you treat women. @geminishell what a lack of respect this douche has. @geminishell and I know what we r talking about
  • negron_james11The Miami Heat are making it to the Finals next year. Once the Big Three split up which will be soon because of the salary cap, the Heat are in trouble. But as long as the Heat keep Lebron on the team, they still have a chance every year cuz obviously, hes the best player on the planet right now. And Derrick Rose is a little girl who thought he was gonna get injured so he decided to sit the whole year out making money with his endorsements. Sprry buddy but the Miami Heat are the best team in the NBA and they cant be stopped. @nhbnks @vbarrios2 @geminishell
  • vbarrios2@champagnepapi_3 thank u for explaining to this guy. Couldn't think of anyone better than you to explain to this guy about Basketball cuz clearly he doesn't know crap of what he's talking about. @nhbnks this kid right here @champagnepapi_3 is the best teenage basketball player I've seen and he knows everything there is to do with basketball. He is a future Lebron James for sure.
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