My sound which is the champion sound
  • justblazeMy sound which is the champion sound

  • cthagoddessI concur @treatment28. @badgyalfox's life needs to be made into a movie.
  • sharlenebeaviesIs it true that u are coming to toronto?
  • champleads#ill - it was real hip hop & testament to her & our culture tenacity. Her dialogue is lethal n she remained feisty ayo I wanted to c her #CLEVELANDS
  • juelsofrome#Sweet
  • labbaranks@justblaze You motherfucker #ShowOff!!!!... But you do hold a lot of rings champion #MyDay1Nigga!!"
  • vict6rSend a ni99a a hit so I can ride outta this dirt and watch me shine eternally like a good quality diamond
  • zeekbxChampion sound is Jay Dilla and Madlib
  • seekaychinOf course you would. #damn
  • doctadreamLemme kno just about to start sampling ish heavy u kno my nephew Leon. Tall goofy young kat thirsty for work look him out n ill put in work for free
  • doctadreamBecuz with my skills once I get out there ull have no choice but to pay me!!
  • ssf112Ill lol
  • janelleab_Nice
  • iamlis_Let's work! Bk singer
  • bigjazzproda big fan big homey just did a track for spade.o of Dutch& spade of major figures ur 1 of my inspired ppl in production
  • 1legendisrealCan u do a track for me :)
  • 1legendisrealWhy not? Stranger things can happen! #answer
  • bksnappI guess u forgot I when I had to come let u upstairs at the ploygram building to see Gee ..yo can u open a door for me..Check the bio
  • yirealisWe was in the building! Awesome great feeling! This is what it's about!
  • msjalysa😊😊
  • behzeyI feel the same about my productions. @justblaze
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