Cd-j solo
  • steveaokiCd-j solo

  • grecomarques@thehighcrusaders the future is here man, and the same, a guy that plays guitar in a band will say that u r not a musician.. so deal with it.. deadmau5 already said, fans got to love us for what we do in the studio (where steve aoki always killed it), in the stage we ain't doing shit!
  • ronny915You right hightcrusaders, to me all it takes is two turntables and a mixer, I don't need a computer to mix my music, I call that type of dj, dj fingers press a button and let yhe computer do the work, Lmao.
  • soe_moeWhy dun we just enjoy the music? O.o aoki's clearly producing while u guys mixing right? (said u guys djs) ...and his tracks are dope! (for me as a consumer) i mean who cares wht musician uses wht guitar? Different material for different sounds thats all @ojvick5000 @thehighcrusaders @ronny915
  • felix_pagan43computer djs are all over and if you go to any spot there is most likely a computer dj there. Just because you say you only use vynal does not make you a good Dj. You could still suck snd be boring as hell.
  • ronny915Show me what you can do and stop talking but show me with vinyl, and for your information I'm not saying that dj's that use computer are Sucks just saying that they take the easy way out and they called them self dj's.
  • ronny915Plus I'm not saying that aoki is a bad dj bc in my eyes he is a great dj but I'm just talking in general, I'm my day or even now we can remix any song all you need is a mixer and 3 turntable and the sound will be even better you can asked anyone.
  • antonnekstromI dont agree at all with u guys, insteed of complaining, shut the F up, and enjoy his music.
  • antonnekstromKIDS
  • ronny915No one is asking for your comment.
  • chelseadagger11@antonvicenco you're clearly a moron. No one has said he is a bad DJ or that his music is bad, we're having a discussion on where djing has ended up, it's idiots like you who don't understand... If you're simply going to come into this conversation with shit like that I think, along with everyone else that it is you who should "shut the F up"
  • antonnekstromWell ure mother F:er. Dont think that ure smart.. Beacuse ure dont! I didnt even read that beacuse i feelt that it was a shitty text! U can shut the F up. And enjoy his music insteed of complaining on him!
  • antonnekstromGet a fucking life bro @thehighcrusaders
  • chelseadagger11@antonvicenco No one is complaining 'Bro' and for you to tell me to get a life is painfully ironic considering 'ure' going around on Instagram attempting to argue! Fool, your mother should of swallowed...
  • anything_around_worldLove it! #handsome
  • antonnekstrom@ronny915 ure the biggest gay ive ever seen in my life! Stop complaining and Njoy his music. Once again..GROW UP! Kid
  • antonnekstromFucking niggaaa @ronny915
  • chelseadagger11@antonvicenco dude, seriously wtf? Telling people to grow up then insulting them. Again, no one is complaining, or do you not comprehend discussions as you spend your life without human interaction, just Internet trolling, it's retards like you who's genes die out through natural selection
  • antonnekstromDont u think that im scared, why should i be scared of a black gay? Hahah owned
  • antonnekstrom@ronny915
  • weedman356Deal with your drama else where not on the comments of steve aokis page you've gotta be either a woman or trahs if your making drama and havin arguements on a comment page grow up children
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