Late night work!!!!! Nothing else to do but get better... (Humble & Humgry).
  • waiters3Late night work!!!!! Nothing else to do but get better... (Humble & Humgry).

  • elusionclothingCrazy how the radio doesn't believe in you. Straight bs. Keep up the GREAT WORK kid. @waiters3
  • uaq27Uaq26
  • _basketballer_3You don't know b-ball @jeffkramer327
  • jeffkramer327Oh yeah? @xxmoney_teamxx
  • jeffkramer327How so @xxmoney_teamxx
  • _fr3ckl3sJust curious do u play for Cleveland. Nice pics by the way. Just showing luv.
  • zlister1384Get it in
  • damn_murfI know you don't know me but you would super colder if you just be more aggressive start driving more to the lane and get to the free throw line, 1hunnit fam be breezy @waiters3
  • shorief_the_mechanicI got a chance to see you play tonight and it was solid. Good Shit Bro! @waiters3
  • kwaniblackFrom Philly to Cleveland . #bravehearts
  • dribble2much@waiters3 ONE WORKOUT !! 45 min if you don't like it ill pay you !
  • dribble2muchYou an alstar waiting to happen I think I cam get you there !!
  • _ambitiouslueWork
  • anthony_swishMan I want to train there so badly
  • z_eazy3Dion man. We need you in Cleveland, our time will come and so will yours. Stick it out with us @waiters3
  • holly_urbanek@ivaprcela
  • cleveland_designsdion one last time before I go lol, thank you soooo much for everything you did. from the likes to meeting me at a game and doing the "πŸ‘Œ" sign back at me. it meant the world and ever since I became your biggest fan. Had your jersey and 6 autographs πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ once I decided to make edits, I went to you for my first design and you liked it causing me to shit my pants. then I made more and more and you continued to like them even tho they sucked ass. Then I got better and you STILL liked them. all I needed was a repost now. and the biggest post you've ever posted, was MY edit. when I saw this, I died dion. you're last ever post as a cavalier was my edit. that I made last yearπŸ˜‚ thank you for that dion it means soo much. Besides the edits, you taught me that if I ever do have a kid, to be a father first. don't get distracted. don't get caught In the fame and do bad things. you never did that and should win father of the year award. you taught me things on the court as well. use your speed and quickness to drive to the hoop and finish strong. either score or be fouled. I know you will not respond or even look at this, but if you do and decide to read this, you made my edits become legit, pushed me to be better at ball and be a father when that time comes. I'm just a 15 year old boy ( @adamhaas3 ) who lost his favorite player in the NBA and his night ruined. it sucks dion but I wish nothing but the best for you. I'll b getting an OKC jersey of you and going to a game. I'm not kissing up to you or anything, I just want you to know you changed my edits and my play style on the court made a fan that will always root for you no matter what. thank you for all that you did dion. Thank you πŸ’―πŸ˜©
  • cleveland_designs^^
  • cleveland_designsπŸ˜ͺ
  • _deacon.jones..Poise, Embrace, Contact... Poise; Everyone On This Team Is Passionate, So Your Connection Have To Keep Everyone Level Headed (Durant/Russ).. Embrace; The No Calls, The Bad Calls, The Good And Bad Runs That Comes With It Just Stay Firm In Your Position (Kantar).. Contact; No One (Spur) Gets To Their Spot Without Knowing You're There With Them (Defense; Roberson, Ibaka).. Create For Others And Bring Your Passion On The Defense End..
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