This is 9PM in Idaho. The sun never goes down in this state, I love it!
  • jonacuffThis is 9PM in Idaho. The sun never goes down in this state, I love it!

  • mrsbrophyYou think that's impressive...try Alaska in the summer time!
  • nfrederick^ Alaska juke.
  • beckylookingglasstravelIt really doesn't! We are still getting used to it but it sure is a lot harder to get the kids to go to bed
  • laurenwbristow@jonacuff that's the whole PacNW up here! Summatime=we don't sleep
  • lindsay_york36Summer in the PacNW is awesome!! Except for the part about getting your kids to go to bed before 10pm when it's still sunny outside! :)
  • jacobcdaI'll never change my mind. The PNW is the best region in the USA to live and I believe Idaho to be the best state in the NW.
  • vikbradley@nfrederick well played.
  • jstrad08Where at in Idaho? Come make a stop in Rexburg! Soooooo many people would love to meet you! @jonacuff
  • steve_josephIdaho, where you can watch your dog run away for a week.
  • joshpankey3@madisonalyese
  • leigh2uJust wait a few weeks and it will still be light until 10 here. Makes putting kids to bed a bit hard though.
  • chrl_girl97% :)
  • hannah_lovesLoved growing up here. Always got to play outside later. :)
  • papergramIn that case, you should come to Montana.
  • jazqulynCome to Alaska Jon, land of the midnight sun
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