Tierrasanta Bobcats, 1977. My dad was coach; I played 2nd base. We lost... a lot.
  • tonyhawkTierrasanta Bobcats, 1977. My dad was coach; I played 2nd base. We lost... a lot.

  • ptjbuzz"We lost... a lot." LOL hahaha made my day
  • katiedoesntUnfo
  • iceman.420Yeahhhh buddy
  • dcon39Your dad looks fuckin 90 here. Never have kids early. Good guy knows his shit
  • gia_oli_mommissedLike father like son..handsomely posed
  • justshav3Hahahahaha
  • frtzandruOf course you guys lost your teams name was Bobcats @tonyhawk :D
  • maulapacedoSoo cute and babyy *-*
  • featherhole1Bad news bears
  • gatemasters2nd base ehh. At least you were infield. No arm eh?
  • ffulxamDat hat
  • odyssey_oddtessy@tonyhawk I'm watching Bones Brigade right now with over 100 other Vans managers with Steve VanDoren for our 2013 Meeting. Thought you should know you're an inspiration to many!
  • ben_shuSame
  • amandaa_allisonJust because you are a second baseman doesn't mean you have no arm, second baseman are some of the best baseball players alive @gatemasters
  • gerryhurtadoNow that's what I remember! Soo Cool to see you at every park w/ your POPS! (I Pray he's still w/ Us). It was Awesome to see the interest your Father showed!I think we are going to be seeing more of that, Father/Son skate relationships but the father's are now skatin' & teachin' there kids! Frank and you Tony, paved the way for "Others"
  • _gl.dSame thing with my team right now I'm playing 2nd base and we lost EVERY game
  • pantherclubIn my team I am 4 bater
  • bubbleinaboilingpotHometown @alexideaver
  • akram_jaeLol
  • joey_coronaBad news bears @tonyhawk
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