53rd & Madison
  • stace_a_lace53rd & Madison

  • kaykay71301love da heels
  • kaykay71301and dress
  • cami2488Shoes!!!
  • mimi0_0mimiLove love love!!!😍😍😍😍👍👌
  • kostya_karunavery sexy)
  • vylesniakThose shoes though!!!!! 💖💖
  • pakokikinPerfect calf makes grat legs
  • ingridnagyphotographyGreat shot - never understand why some women wear heels that so obviously 2 sizes too big 😱
  • katester21010It's amazing what different styles women have... How each are shaped so different and wear such an infinite match of clothing. The woman is still defined by what she looks like on the outside. It's wonderful to see all shapes, sizes, and styles.. Most of these women I'm assuming chose their own style and what they thought matches their unique brand... And you as the photographer/artist are capturing so many things. Love
  • anitapena_I love the shoes!!!!!
  • rachaellpletschhMy fav EVER!
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