pizza dough :)
  • liannelahavaspizza dough :)

  • liannelahavasI totally made this
  • sheenaomurrayWhoa is that an egg???
  • balanceproblems@liannelahavas you're totally rad
  • frappierOh maan!
  • justcallmebastienSweet sandal wearing Jesus that looks incredible. #foodporn
  • archmadekweI've never had pizza with egg?? I'm thinking I should try it..
  • marycake_kelly@liannelahavas Chef Lianne! this looks interesting..But tasty at the same time :)
  • pika.bu.blssmGot skills
  • princifefaomg <3
  • dawnred_sunDifferent is always good... 💜
  • palomafaithWhat are you doing awake! Get to sleep haha
  • browngeorgeI see a face
  • xvisabellaHello @liannelahavas I hope u will read this cause I have to tell u something! Last christmas my mum gave a special present to my dad. He said, it was the best present he ever got and he was soooooooooooooo happy. The present was a ticket to Paris - and to your show in Paris ( in February 2013 (?) ) So, he loves you. (AND my mom :) ) I wanted to go with them cause I love u too, but I had to go to school. Then, they went there. And when they came back, my dad was just like WOW. He was veryveryvery happy that he could have been there. He watched the whole show a second time on the internet :) I just wanred to tell u this. HELLO from Germany ( Thats why the english is so bad ) . 👋🇩🇪
  • squidney.jPlease preform in Atlanta before the year is over, I missed my opportunity in April. 😞
  • cherryflorentiaI see boobs and penis. *smiley
  • tomjw15Hey lian, when you read this can you see my photos?:)
  • rufuscb123@robbie_collis
  • itsme_sheeshSay girl, why didn't you come to NOLA??! I was/am still waiting for you girlie! @liannelahavas
  • evilweavilSex
  • all_hailthequeenThe egg tho :(
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