@thekatvond specials!
  • deadmau5@thekatvond specials!

  • melannielovesskrillexWhat Happened To Skrillmau5 ? @deadmau5
  • g3radWhat does it matter 2 u?! Ur richer than a mother tucker
  • ksandranetU keep things simple and real that's why I support u..
  • ethanleebourqueY dose it mater to you
  • marc.arrozaI can't believe you didn't win a award
  • marc.arroza@deadmau5
  • theonlyofficialryanno booze?
  • morganndaniellYou dick, did you not think about poor kat once?
  • no_money_lindsNot hating, but you seriously don't deserve Kat.
  • chase_targaryen@morganndaniellwhat happened
  • chase_targaryen@morganndaniell what happened
  • morganndaniell@deadmau5hasacat he cheated on kat so she left him :(
  • boxadaryls@morganndaniell what da hell seriously?? I knew deadmau5 was kinda an ass, but i never thought he would do that!!! 0:
  • auslandermannWhere the fuck are you retards getting that he cheated on kat? And also he said he didn't so why don't you believe him? Some fuckin fans you guys are, you can all go fuck yourselves you stupid yanks. Fuck all this gossip, you shit heads are the reason pop celebs off themselves
  • tiffanyscanlanHe claimed that he and Kat split up and he had relations with another woman at the time they were broken up. This does not count as cheating. He was upfront with her when they reconciled but sadly they couldn't push past their issues. It's okay. These things happen. Who are you to judge someone you have never met? How about you step back and let the Mau5 deal with his issues. The last thing he needs is judgment from nobodies such as yourselves. It's not up to you to make a judgement based on someone you only know through their MUSIC. You don't know him personally so keep your opinions to yourself. /rant
  • morganndaniell@cthulhu_sleeps_ yea I know, I just feel sorry for Kat but apparently she went raging at the girl on twitter hahaha
  • boxadaryls@morganndaniell aw..poor kat ;n;
  • brazillian_jiu_jitsuEpic bro
  • queniagaspreguntasI like Kat but if he cheated on her I think she deserves it, we all know shes been we a lot of guys, and she had cheated too, we don't know her personally but by what everyone says supposedly she's a cheater
  • preston_tttDoes he speak
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