Well look who I found at the KLOVE fan awards! Ms. @JamieGraceh
  • chrisaugustWell look who I found at the KLOVE fan awards! Ms. @JamieGraceh

  • danny_moscoLucky guy! She's lovely.
  • trina4jesusYou both look fantastic!!:) @chrisaugust
  • josheason51I wanna meet you! 😬 @chrisaugust
  • ____meadow____I have and he's a super cool and a really funny guy :) @josheason51
  • megan_koehler19Her dress😍
  • megan_koehler19Oh and I like your duck dynasty beard, you got going on.😉 @chrisaugust
  • josheason51Yeah he seems like it! That's why haha @_hai_yall_80
  • alexisrickrodeAwwww
  • bigdrumm3rboyShe is so beautiful...
  • lisa_e_friarLast I heard, y'all were both single. Sure would make a cute couple! 😉☺ @chrisaugust @jamiegraceh
  • allyssa301Two of my favorite artists and the nicest people I have met.
  • calebroseberryHoly majestic beard, Batman! @chrisaugust
  • journeycookieladyLike the beard @chrisaugust
  • leemonnyWwooww!!!
  • neeshia86Love the dress @jamiegraceh
  • staciatagueJust remember, if she ever needs you to fill in for @officialtobymac it's just "lava, lava, lava" #latenightjamsession
  • allimama7I took my kids to their first ever concert last fall when you were touring with Jamie Grace & the one & only tobyMac. We were blessed to meet you and love your music! Thanks for sharing your talents. Your songs 7x70 and Starry Night = faves ❤❤❤
  • sadaiyaMy 2 favorite singers in one photo awesome😀
  • d.davis_the_artistit was a beautiful day; the wind was making some ways in her hair and stroking at the same time her nice and soft skin. The light was coming out from her eyes, giving away how good her heart was. The sky, in love with her, was making a plan to chat her up, but the rainbow was feeling the same thing; so in order to not lose her out, it decided to be the first to chat her up. She was a christian and the rainbow too. It was just nice. She could not touch it, could not see it all the time, but she could feel it, cause every single time when she was feeling like giving it a wet and deep tongue kiss, everything around just became colored. She was the flower and the rainbow her suit.  They became a same flesh.  She was the flower, she was the rainbow, her name was Bronwyn and that day was beautiful, just the way she was. By D.Davis ( Dave Davis)
  • d.davis_the_artistI'm D.Davis
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