• jaredpolinMy RIG for the day thanks to @borrowlenses Canon 1D X 85 F1.2 24-70 F2.8II 70-200 F2.8II Should be a fun concert to shoot.
    Photo shot with the NIKON D4 and 70-200 2.8VRII

  • five01That 85 1.2 is sweet...
  • bklathropProb see you in the pit this eve. I'll be capping off a long hot day of shooting around the city at the Roots Picnic.
  • marcleviNice
  • draburn@jaredpolin Good luck to ya bro. Borrowlenses is a sweet company. Always helpful when I need them.
  • nihlusCan't wait to see the photos from 1DX!
  • kelly_bihmI'll take the 70-200 please and thank you.
  • kristianschroederYou ever gonna clear out your bags? Feel free to send some this way @jaredpolin
  • robertdebordI'll be at the roots picnic. Can't wait to see the shots you get there!
  • robertdebord... Assuming that's the concert you'll be at ;)
  • istavrosNikon for ever ✌!!!!
  • mjphotographyhk"Pure Evil-I'm looking at the Gang of Four"-Lol !!!
  • gianni_ottoneLove borrow lenses
  • zoedimaxDrool. All my dream gear....
  • dendarmulderCanon, bööööh!
  • rodfotografiaThat 85 1.2 is the only thing that can make me switch to canon
  • everydaylavanNice chatting. Appreciate the "sell the bodies" advice. Looking forward to seeing your pics from #RootsPicnic.
  • nickspalossphotosMmm
  • thezeets@jaredpolin hey Jared. Been following your videos and pictures for some time right now. I too do concert photography. Do they complain when they see the go pro? I'm always scared I'd get kicked out, which is why I have never done that
  • brandon_clementSaw you taking pictures today at the block party (Nikon/Canon) can't wait to see the turn out! Not creeping but I love camera set ups! big fan man keep up the work!
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