Its an honor to have such greatness on our team !! Congrats on all you have accomplished and its very obvious how hard worked to get to this point on the path of building your legacy .. This shoe is amazing and I am sure the world will agree !! @nyjah_huston @dcshoes @monsterenergy
  • dannywayIts an honor to have such greatness on our team !! Congrats on all you have accomplished and its very obvious how hard worked to get to this point on the path of building your legacy .. This shoe is amazing and I am sure the world will agree !! @nyjah_huston @dcshoes @monsterenergy

  • blodgettpaintplan B material ! @dannyway
  • marcellbozokiFuck monster energy. U dont need that shit. Might aswell be sponsored by coffee
  • richo.conWe got nyjah?
  • lookboyI'd fuck @nyjah_huston
  • leaves93_I like the mike mo more
  • nick_lopez_I know @marcellbozoki they prob pay him so much doe
  • usernameforthisFor a second I thought he was on plan b
  • dannywayFuck not being able to progress my skating !! Coffee doesn't build / fund my ramp designs so I can work @marcellbozoki
  • benjaminboltsHow do you think way launched over the wall.... starbucks won't pay for that shiiiit
  • benjaminboltsOh @dannyway
  • marcellbozoki@dannyway this is a long and difficult arguement. It's great that you have sponsors, who help you achieve your goals and help you push your skating to the limits. Another thing though that it's probably the most unhealthy product you can possibly imagine. I believe it was a dilemma for you too, what brands to accept sponsorship and money from. I'm sure you're qualified and experienced enough to make these decisions for yourself. In other words, it's great that they support you, but you shouldn't support them in my opinion, because their product is not good for our body, and role models like you should promote healthy living. Kids drink monster because they see the biggest skaters like You and Nyjah drink it. And if they are young they think that drinking monster will help them to become as good as You or Nyjah. If you do heavy physical activity while drinking Monster, it will actually dehydrate you, and fuck up your blood pressure. I actually don't really believe that it's a good idea to take caffeine at all for physical activities. Water and fruit is all you need. So yes, I get it, you need money for your work that's fine, but I think there are some lines that you just shouldn't cross as a professional athlete. But I respect you and admire your work! Thanks for the answer!
  • marcellbozokiIf it's the only way for you to get the funds needed for your progression, then Amen. The goal validates the methods used to reach the goal.... I just don't know whether you ever had a guilty conscience about this sponsorship.
  • driverdave666@marcellbozoki agree 1,000% It's sad kids look up to these dudes repping garbage like red bull, monster energy, mountain dew, etc... I get it, they write checks with big numbers, and it's enticing... It just seems like these same dudes would not want their own kids hooked on the garbage they endorse. In the end, money talks.
  • patrick_strifeGet of his back about his sponsorships! Last time I checked he's a grown man and can make decisions on his own health or not. @driverdave666 @marcellbozoki @dannyway
  • marcellbozoki@golfwangsteaksauce I'm pretty sure@dannyway doesn't drink that garbage. It's not a question about his health. It's a question of the not so grown little guys who think it's cool to drink monster because @dannyway and @nyjah_huston drink it.
  • marcellbozoki@driverdave666 word!
  • driverdave666@golfwangsteaksauce I have tons of respect for Danny Way, his contribution to skateboarding can't be understated. Everything he does is mind blowing. I just happen to disagree with his sponsor choice.
  • dannywayActually its not a dilemma at all.. I very happy to be part of the Monster/Hansens Family and completely believe in their business model. Do you know all the stuff they make? I agree with your concern for health and the well being of kids as I do promote that as well. Look into it and you will actually be amazed and maybe your perception of what Monster is will be changed. Hansens owns Monster and they make all kinds of healthy drinks like natural soda they also make coconut water they have all kinds of natural kids drinks juices ect .. There's a market for Energy drinks and Monster was created to be the healthiest energy drink company. The consumers have a choice in what they purchase and no one is forcing or saying they must drink Monster.. I think what they are saying is drink Monster over Red Bull but I think Hansens would happy to know the kids are drinking the natural drinks just as much as I think they would anyone who desires to drink Monster. Anyways Monster is a great company and gives back to the growth of the sport more than any other Drink company has ever in the history of this industry... Thanks for speaking your mind though I respect your feelings about health and kids .. @marcellbozoki
  • marcellbozoki@dannyway thanks for the insights! And for the answer. It was an honor to have a conversation with you! Keep on shreddin, and I can't wait for the Plan B video!
  • chris_lopez_skate@z3k3_sk8r the half pipe needs at least 2ft of vert to get good air on it
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