WOW  felt like a million out there HEAT fans your the best
  • mickyarisonWOW felt like a million out there HEAT fans your the best

  • kavoen@brown305 Yea bro
  • probskblltalkHaha try thousands.
  • _____basedgod_____@jmencini ignorance.😑
  • sneakervillinDamn that's so crazy !!! 😤
  • fashionista3135👏🏀👏🏀 @mickyarison
  • jb_state_of_mindThanks for keep me updated lol I'm here stuck at work.
  • arzugunes❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥
  • hotdogokcI watched the parade all the way from OKC! Cool cloud pic by the way!!
  • chrissssssyyyyAwesome parade from the arena, amazing thing you guys did inside
  • juliet_b_j_uptown_roadrunnerThanks...we have the best team ever,i will have a good summer
  • dwgreen3We have the best ream, we need to be the best fan!
  • anakitty4Wow how crazzzzyyyyy
  • aj_louvertureMickey can u plz have da ceremony outside the arena like an '06 season tickets holders start to leave die hard fans wud stay in da hot heat...u cud show it on the big screen & barricade outside...enough money to have cops & clean the streets. ...please from your 1995 heat fan -a.j.
  • nastyboi954You're *
  • judikfergusonBirdman stay with the heat please.... We need him.. Thank you
  • elioviii_^ amen. He is just plain awesome. I love him as an idol (no homo) he is inspiring .
  • elioviii_@mickyarison
  • alech135Bandwagon probbbbbs
  • nick.finchIm not trying to start an arguement, and no im not just a sour spurs fan, but really? You call ur fans the best? You have the fakest fans of any team in any league! Look, they WALKED OUT on u guys during game 6. And ur gonna say u have the best fans? Lol smh. But anyway congrats on the title.
  • csanchez887Yeah sounds like a sour spurs fan....
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