Get my #Skirt remix EP on @Beatport today! #KM2013
  • kylieminogueGet my #Skirt remix EP on @Beatport today! #KM2013

  • gasteeKylie estas loca que yo voy a pagar eso !!! @marcvictory
  • enriquejosue_@gastee cuando sale a la venta ?
  • matthew_1985The pricing of this release is a tad insulting lol
  • pdcollectionshop💖
  • marcvictory@gastee jajaj jaja . Alguien quítele el celular, anda borrasha
  • mesh141972The worst film clip that kylie has ever made. Very disssapointed.
  • mitch_starsGuys, skirt is not a new single! It's a promotional/preview track for her new album
  • ryanminnelli2
  • ryanminnelli$2.49 per track? No thanks.
  • e.rose.photographyyHey kylie u use to be my mum 2nd cousin!! Coz Peter is ur cousin..? And u gave her a card and now I have it☺
  • itsyigitegeI didn't like Skirt tbh. :(
  • colinpshawLOVE Skirt! Love the current sound of it! Can't wait for the album! 😃👸🎶👯
  • mitch_starsSkirt is not a new's a promotional/preview track for the new album
  • christopher_ukI hope this song is a true indication of what the album will be like. If it is it'll be her 'finest hour' much like 'Confessions On A Dance Floor' was Madonnas ( in my opinion ). I am very excited by this.
  • kylie.ovCoooooool
  • tomasmoudryI have problems to download this EP from, everytime is transaction declined. Why? :(
  • zerchglzNo dejó de oirlos
  • daphoenixxforceI'm in love with this song!!! Only @kylieminogue could make a song about taking off a garment so sexy and danceable!!!
  • robjms18Why isn't it available on Google play?:/
  • anikagoelx🙌
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