Planning the next move
  • richardbransonPlanning the next move

  • lifeisorange@angie_dore I want to play him!!!
  • brunoocampog@richardbranson move the Knight to D3.
  • fitnessover40Have you thought about using Vine Video on your Instagram account?
  • danielbachmann@richardbranson I played passionatly at the age of 4 to 16. Your opponent forgot to develop his king side, you could win! What if even a simple game like chess has the power to unite the world and their leaders closer together? The simple act of playing together creates a bond, so if you ever run out of opponents just let me know? Even if you don't let me win, you probably would gain a lifetime virgin client and social advocate :-)
  • aleksandrvin"Лошадью ходи!" from Gentlemen of Luck :)
  • emma_daz@richardbranson please don't forget come ride with Dani @fitnessfoodandstyle
  • insta_bec_fI think you should address the #richardbransonproject and let us Vision Crusaders know if you are going to ride with Dani and the rest of us :) @fitnessfoodandstyle
  • peeyushmalhotraLift up the queen and MOVE her in circles in the air.... You are Branson and thatz your habit
  • karlawright10You're very interesting man
  • klausbartosch@richardbranson the #richardbransonproject invitation by Dani from @fitnessfoodandstyle is one that I think will change the lives of millions, perhaps even billions. Your simple acceptance of this beautiful invitation would raise the spirits of hundreds of thousands of Australians either fighting cancer or fighting for and end to Cancer. Never have I seen so much love and interested associated with a invitation to a man who has inspired so many. The Vision Crusaders would be honored to have you come ride with them and Dani in Australia. Wow, how can you resist? 🌼
  • klausbartosch@bootx I think you have completely missed the point of @fitnessfoodandstyle wonderful invitation to @richardbranson you see, 1 in 3 people in the world will get Cancer before they are 85 years old. That's a shocking statistic. Cancer research is the answer to ending Cancer in the world. So @fitnessfoodandstyle is not asking for herself. But to help support the Vision Crusaders team and their rides which raise money for Cancer research. That is a truly noble cause. So will you join in and help them? We would all love you too 😃
  • krystlechampagne#chess#i would love someone to teach me #how to #play chess
  • topanga_meets_worldI love u!!!! Necker island for my birthday next year
  • narekflowA1 needs to be black your board is set up incorrectly, however you should take his knight with your bishop, he will respond by taking your bishop with his rook, after you may take his pawns with your queen.
  • _shwong@richardbranson ...I'd sure like to play head on with you sire!
  • emilyfromnyc#chesswithconsequences
  • krinkflixDr you doing?
  • krinkflixDr you doing?
  • fahaddkkkIf u give me 1$ I will let u win
  • zacmiguelCheckmate? I like how you're not too busy for chess
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