new uniform.
  • sfgirlbybaynew uniform.

  • sfgirlbybaytrying to move around, but my apartment's pretty small! ;)
  • lia_billimoreBrave lady! I'm keeping mine in because I'm super scared of the op! Down side is, I can't ever eat fat again 😒! How do you feel?
  • automatismfeel better soon — and love the cute pink pedi! :)
  • sfgirlbybay@liadizzylovesicy i'm sore, but i think it was worth it. that other pain from the gallstones was worse!
  • dhridgeYour bod is strong! Remember you're awesome, and get well soon!
  • sfgirlbybay@automatism ;)
  • sfgirlbybay@dhridge be bopping around in no time ;)
  • sfgirlbybay@lisacongdon xo
  • phillysweetjillyGet well soon from Philly
  • lia_billimore@sfgirlbybay OMG, that pain is like no other! I was very overweight so I lost 45lb and haven't had an attack for nearly 2yrs. Good on you for doing it & I hope you're not sore for too long :)
  • smileandwaveI hope this part is smooth sailing!
  • tipatkinsSending healing. :) xo
  • alexandrawroteWishing you a quick recovery. And hope it helps (a little) to know you'll never have gallstone pain again. Take care!
  • gildedwhimsyHealthy healing vibes your way!!
  • trishabrinkFeel better soon...
  • eightymillionDrink liquids and sleep. It's what saved me from what I thought was death
  • sfgirlbybaythank you all so very much! just about all i'm doing is sleeping.
  • kimmbranchEnjoy...I'm just 11 days ahead of you. Embrace it...that's all you can do. Sleep is the best medicine.
  • msmith13_nthing the move-around recos, i had an adrenalectomy which is similar incision-wise to cholecystectomy and for me, walking actually hurt less than sitting or lying down (i slept sitting up for nearly a week). wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • glassybabyperfect for a cozy day.
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