Tap video for sound
  • instagramWhen you're viewing a video on Instagram, the sound is controlled by your device's volume setting. If your phone is set to silent, the video will play with the sound off.

    On an iOS device, you can switch the sound on and off by flipping the switch on the left side of your device. On Android, you can control the volume under Settings, or Wait for an Instagram video to begin playing and raise/reduce the volume from the switch on the side of your device.

    To improve the audio quality when recording a video on Instagram, try using an external mic, like the one in your hands-free set.

    For more tips, tricks and troubleshooting assistance, visit help.instagram.com.

  • _briankariuki_beekayNo difference even after I save the video they is no sound
  • lonie_4WHY DONT THEY FIX IT! I wanna post my hilarious videos..the worlds missing out D´:
  • mrtroll_kimchenI already did that but still it's not working.
  • j_nypowerI have a problem where a video disappears when I scroll down to play it, sometimes you can hear the sound but it's black and other times nothing at all
  • prince_hakeem01The sound on my video post is slurred.. Like in slow motion
  • umbilika1Yes, I can't get sound for my videos on my iphone6s. Have tried everything. Very annoying.
  • _syaukaniMy video out of sync,the video start slower than the audio. There's no problem when i upload it. Please help
  • phuocvovanI do not like this function
  • tildetildetildetildetildetildeWhen I go on the "Videos you might like" section of the explore page, it always says "Volume OFF". Only once has the sound played... Help?
  • tildetildetildetildetildetilde@instagram ^^^
  • fr.tho@grammaisasinner to turn the volume on for those videos you just press the volume button up on the side of your phone to activate it
  • fr.thoHow do you turn the volume on for a video after holding it down and it pops up with a blurred back ground..... cause you can't lift your finger up
  • taylorf2104Look at all those old phones
  • callmethe_dreamer@Instagram When I download a snapchat video to my phone, then try to upload it to Instagram, the video playback quality is horrible (lines going through it, can't clearly see the video, etc). Please help!? I have a Droid MAXX.
  • nellyfromdecatur@garthmonolith same happens to me
  • nellyfromdecatur@libre5 it doesnt solve it for me
  • dabbinparkerAh, the old look of Instagram 🙂
  • mplungjanPlease add a volume control that remembers the volume!
  • h.h.1133ah I dont have video voice on pc
  • hoopsyproBut on pc you can't control volume! Only on your sound mixer but WHY? Please add volume control on pc version
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