Putting in that ART WORK! Just did bob on the Porsche 911 Hood letting the King dry now as I work on another one😎 #motivated
  • therealswizzzPutting in that ART WORK! Just did bob on the Porsche 911 Hood letting the King dry now as I work on another one😎 #motivated

  • therealswizzzB Road🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • angee225👌
  • jusbmarley1@therealswizzz what motivates/inspires you?
  • jusbmarley1#postavideo @therealswizzz
  • ceenuffIs that an air conditioner the ventless joints and what brand? @therealswizzz
  • ceenuffMy photo studio gets crazy hot and I have no windows! @therealswizzz
  • youngboss_876Didn't know y'all fuck with bob marley! He's Tha legend proud to be Jamaican! But living in Philly now
  • carelli24sU gotta wear all white while painting. Sherwin williams life!
  • therealswizzz@jusbmarley1 the people motivates me🙏
  • sdotdesignssBeautiful art I'm a young artist myself. What year is the Porsche in the background? @therealswizzz
  • jgg.now@therealswizzz let's do a show.
  • southbreezy#obey
  • marlinachareeLuv this!!!!!!
  • tee_santanaDOPE pic
  • verses_theopenmicI really didn't know you painted! Dope :)
  • mja_artJ Swizz
  • puneighteen@cptn_murphy @noxiuz_clothing @jufe
  • yiannisbellis@therealswizzz @therealswizzz of course I've been inspired by your music even my art has been inspired by your beats. but this photo is absolutely priceless as much as you love music I can tell in this picture how much you truly love #ART and how your soul is washed clean every time you step in your art studio ... Weather your canvas is a hood of an exotic sports car or just a canvas you got from the art store ... There is a reason that you do not get hungry or even thirsty when you're in the studio because your creativity allows you to push through. the first time I saw this photo of you a few weeks ago I knew the feeling. I was in East Hampton when you first posted this on Instagram.com and that night I set quiet on the deck listening to Jay Z and his lyric from best of both worlds "  But I hope my boy Dash get to see it when he passesI feel her soul when the Lee passesWhen the wind blows, it's almost like I see her in the HamptonsEven more reason to be up in them mansionsLaid back, feet up in the hammock, I'ma live for yaBig too, 'til they put me in the graveI'ma floss 'til they toss me a Bed-Stuy parade. weather I see you at Basel this year or we do a collaboration in this lifetime via art be a destiny ...I'll leave you with this make art just make art and while other people are deciding whether your art is good or great who cares who gives a f*** just make more art keep making art and I promise you will in capsulated a time. right now... people will admire your art in the future many many many years down the road once you're gone and your grandchildren haven't hung up in the homes... just keep making art
  • fingercreationsMan i would love to come and work with you one day.... Art is EVERYTHING bro... Dope work!!
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