Amazing package received by one Bonnaroovian from another! #radiatepositivity #bonnaroo #kindness
  • bonnarooAmazing package received by one Bonnaroovian from another! #radiatepositivity #bonnaroo #kindness

  • jasonmarsdenI wanna see someone "ball their eyes out."
  • hollydaniellewSomeone stole our pirate flag...still pissed about that😡
  • gibbysmallsIf your house gets robbed, I wouldn't suggest blaming your neighbors.
  • yler__yaneMaybe it's not the Bonnaroovians!!! Ive ran into some super sketch people that didn't have wristbands... When I asked em why they said they snuck in from the woods just to "hang out"..... Who knows...
  • farrendiaMy car was locked id call that having responsibility. I didnt blame my neighbors. And yeah I was really upset.. Just saying I wish people who only have the intention to spread negativity and steal from others who are trying to have a good time just stay away from this festival.. I shouldn't have to worry about thieves at a peaceful festival. Whatever I still love bonnaroo and everyone who spreads goodvibes 😊
  • ggroaI want to find my neighbors from Michigan !!!
  • lelly_keake@tommyd1085 too bad it wasn't yours! Ugh.
  • c_lelinho@jbrondo1985 wow. Oh roo... The happiest place in earth!!
  • samantha_floresEXACTLY WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE
  • meredithlpeltonThis happened to me at bonnaroo 2010 and restored my faith in humanity.
  • dsbealSo awesome!
  • krrrleyLove!
  • lou226I watched someone pick up an IPhone 5 and turn it in. Thought that was cool! Glad people can remain so positive through out the festival.
  • sbakedI accepted the fact my phone was gone and then I received a call. Someone found my phone and are spending their money to ship it back to me amazing people I love @bonnaroo
  • ol_chadwickI had two of my friends lose their iPhones at #bonnaroo both had been turned into the lost and found! #peopleofbonnaroo are amazing! I love my fellow bonnaroovians! @erin_dover @slammyspliff
  • savedbylimeNah that would be beyond dope though @brightlyfeathered
  • katie_ko_jet_inI just posted yesterday that I wished this would happen with my wallet ..... AND IT DID TODAY! My spirit has been uplifted! I didn't let it ruin my experience .. But I'm in complete aww and couldn't thank the finders enough when I called them on the number they wrote to me. I will say that Sunday at Bonnaroo someone broke into our tent and stole my toms, rain boots and north face bookbag. All in all. It came down to NOT letting that ruin my experirnce at Roo either. After all, material things should not be what keeps us happy ... We we're completely safe and sound from harm over the weekend and my mentality came down to what meant most at that time.. Family, Friends, music and beer is enough to ask for ❤❤🙏 hope some light can be shed on those affected by thieves! Don't let them bring ya down!
  • kaileybonesI lost my wallet there :(
  • dmkenneyMy daughter lost her camera and found it in the lost and found!
  • bethanybell28Karma is as real as the air we breathe #payitforward
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