A Christian beach festival in #huntingtonbeach today brought out sign carriers with bullhorns condemning people enjoying the beach. #dailyhbpierphoto
  • ed.templetonA Christian beach festival in #huntingtonbeach today brought out sign carriers with bullhorns condemning people enjoying the beach. #dailyhbpierphoto

  • offneroffner@tempster_returns another proof That Religion Makes People Stupid!
  • imyourwitchdoctorThis is awesome!
  • erick_ryanyeah that's what he SAID!!!
  • freddy_shreddyBELIVE WHAT I DO! OR GO TO HELL!!! Typical christian
  • kilebrewer@coolcalmgent no one wants to read the bible. It's fiction. We "non-believers" are too busy reading things based on facts or science, or more interesting, better-written fiction than the bible.
  • deeberman@coolcalmgent I am no ignorant just because I choose what to believe and what not to.
  • natescrappy_vans50tharchiveJesus wore sandals too
  • kirbykills@sk8r85 That song was about Maynard's mom, not religion. Assuming that's from "Judith".
  • luthipherpeople say all kinds of things all the time. doesn't make it all a fact
  • midwesonSo did Buddha, Zeus, and Hitler.
  • coolcalmgent@kilebrew the Bible is fact and can be backed, it's literally the oldest collection of written history, studied for hundreds of years by scholars, religious and non. But I get it, the Old Testament is not the easiest read! That's why I chose to read a modern translation, I didn't want to read all that old English garbo. The Message Bible is where its at.
  • kilebrewer@coolcalmgent Man, there's no way the bible is 100% historical fact. If its the oldest recorded history, there's nothing else to support it. Sure, it's a nice boo for teaching morals, but not a history text. But if you believe it's fact, of course you would make that argument.
  • ange_261this photos rad
  • coolcalmgent@deeberman it is ignorance to ignore the truth/fact of something willingly. I could solve an equation or I can choose to not solve it, thus making me ignorant to the right answer.
  • coolcalmgent@kilebrew I know dude it was hard for me to grasp that concept, and still is.. Shoot i still wrestle with creation. But I guess if it was so easy it wouldn't be called faith, and I can't pick and choose what to believe out of the bible it's all or nothing.
  • coolcalmgent@tempster_returns did you delete my posts? That's cool that's your right as its your feed but I wasn't being rude to anyone.
  • kilebrewer@coolcalmgent I know man, I feel the same way. There's not enough that makes sense to me to justify believing any of it. I just don't like being called ignorant because I mindfully chose not to believe it. I've studied a few religions, enough to make a decision about whether or not they make sense. I can't stand people who make decisions based on ignorant assumptions, Christian or not.
  • coolcalmgent@kilebrew I hear you brother, I'm glad you studied for yourself and came up with your own opinions, I did the same thing. no one told me what to believe i wanted to know for myself. I'm not trying to convert anyone through Instagram,and I'm not calling non Christians ignorant people, sorry if that's how it came off. I just get a fire in me when I see ignorant bashing of my faith. Futile to defend on IG I know haha.
  • coolcalmgent@kilebrew it's like someone hating on emerica shoes when they've never skated them. Buy a pair skate it then decide.
  • coolcalmgentOkay and lastly @kilebrew here's a non fiction book I picked up in my studies.. It's called "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" by Norman Geisler. It helped explain a lot of the questions I had. ✌
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