Road trip ✌
  • snookiRoad trip ✌

  • brocolioftruth@allysa123445 Whatevs i don need to deal wit little children like you
  • fendercat775
  • allyyy_doull@brocolioftruth ohh really at least I don't look like are Barbie doll like u do. And I don't need rude older people to be talking to me
  • craftyitalianLove road trips!!!!
  • ailalmajhadاحبك
  • nicucollWhat are you wearing for lipcolor
  • ancientromeI love you! : )
  • tha28thofmayBadd!!!!
  • beckamars@katieb213
  • suziedemirixoHer fingers look so tiny but on other pictures they look long? Whaaaaat? #soconfused 😳
  • fitnessconsistence@suzie_demiri photo angles can be deceiving. They look short in this because of the angle.
  • noeliathegreatOr because her nails aren't so long. Her fingers are probably that tiny she's tiny
  • starryeyedeli@snookinic you're so cute I'm so jealous
  • fran1995@larissagattuso this looks like you it's scary hahaha xxxxx
  • larissagattusoHahaha I can't see it @fran1995 xxxxx
  • lovemaddybrookeI like your sun glasses
  • _reneekryssi_x3@snookinic beautiful you gotta show me how to 💪like you . You look great. Snooki im going to jersey shore for my 21st with my boyfriend I better see you there so we can have some bulldogs together 😉💁🍺
  • ginam0818❤👓
  • yaboy_derr13Your pretty fuckin awsome snooki
  • badgalmonroeeI love you snooks... you've grown so much. I know You probably won't even read this... but if by any chances you do, I want you to know that watching you grow from the Jersey Shore 09-12. I gotta say you been hella amazing. We all seen your flaws, funny, silly, and crazy. Lol. But Most of all we've seen your sunshine. You falled in love and had a chunky cute baby boy. An amazing soon to be hubby and amazing friends and family. I love you Nicole. You've inspired me. As Crazy and retarded I can be... you showed me it's okay to act that way
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