We found some amazing talent on the #XFactor, goodbye London see you soon xo
  • nicolescherzyWe found some amazing talent on the #XFactor, goodbye London see you soon xo

  • kennedy_jacksonIts june 29th!!!!!
    I hope you have a schamazing birthday!
    Ever since you were born you have been an amazing person!!!
    Hope your birthday is schamazing!!
    Love your krazy killer lover - Kennedy
  • tacianagonzalezHappy birthday nicole!! I wish you all the best because you deserve! ❤
  • rtyncbgfHappy b'day. One love <3
  • her.name.is.nicolleHappy B'day ! LOVE YOU !
  • weeddgieehbd
  • junkie77official👍👍👍👍🙏
  • kennedy_jacksonHaha ikr @__sparta__
  • facelessimagesFor the love and sake of Roscoe Go and get your man back
  • official_notorious_tSorry to hear about you and Lewis, but he just wants a stay at home & stay out the lime light woman as his wife, like his few friends do.... He just wants a normal life. Think Victoria Beckham & then think Cheryl Cole & Ashley or Helen Flanagan or Tulisa. Either way, he has made a fool of you and the years you spent trying to love him. And what next for you sweedie? A new man? Be called a sket? Make a choice @thenicolescherzinger him or your name? Its time to grow up & not throw away what you both have built... If he gives you a ring it means that your new career is HIM. ;-)
  • official_notorious_t@thenicolescherzinger guess #lewisHamilton does NOT want a "girl HOT like you" #irony #theWorldsGoneMad lol & #HappyBelatedBirthdayBeautifulUnmanlyWoman haahaa
  • gossipgirl003Is it really you omg you all ways look beautiful
  • chrissie_alexisI'm sorry to hear that you and Lewis have split up ( can you always rely on the media?), anyways, with the grace of god you guys can have the time to figure what you want as individuals. I've always thought that you both make a lovely couple. Don't let anyone or anything interfere in your future decisions. Only your heart knows what you want. I wish you all the luck in the future, and pray that you guys get back together. Your path may find eachother again, you just never know.
  • kennedy_jacksonWHEN DID HER AND LEWIS BREAK UP?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • dobstotevLoveeeee youu my sweet heart <3
  • jannatkhYou like Kazakhstan (Astana) ??
  • sahere.hz@thenicolescherzinger please come back to lewis if you'r problem isn't really serious.you're nice couple.me and my Boy friend love you and lewis so much.work is always exist but a person that can support us in each situation isn't always exist.
  • dilyalandKazakhstan loves you Nikki you so cute
  • vanessacordobaLike
  • aresupa😍👌
  • gemmarogers10I was there💗❤️
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