@interscope artist @zedd in NYC!
  • interscope@interscope artist @zedd in NYC!

  • interscope#interscope #zedd #music
  • conscious2001@interscope hottest unsigned hip hop artist bout to have my single played heavy hottest single n da country
  • youngmanbitchezYall need a new artist like me look out for young talented man mixtaps
  • nacyrakendallYall time will come... just belive.
  • nacyrakendallWork hard for it. Take vocal lessons.
  • brialucianooAlright we are a rap group we have one song on YouTube and within 1 week we got 600 views we have projects coming up with bandit gang Marco and pastronama we are doing a project with snoop dogs producer and lil Wayne's music video man wants to do our music video we are sponsored by 2 clothing lines we have a manager that is the owner of another clothing line we have 2 professional models in our group for music videos we were wondering if you could give us one shot at success we promise not to let you down please leave a way for us to contact you please don't ignore
  • willymckinnonI feel like you guys are hurting @azealiabanks career by holding back her singles and holding back her album you guys need to step it up and actually put work into her and promote her, I don't understand why #atmjam hasn't been released yet when Azealia said it was done and coming but it isn't, you guys really disappointed me with her promo and release dates... @interscope
  • savagekiddx300@interscope I would Luv to get in the studio wit y'all 🙏🙏🙏
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