Lead story on ABC nightly news and one of main stories from NBC is Deen's fall from grace. Kudos to Scripps for moving on..
  • chefazLead story on ABC nightly news and one of main stories from NBC is Deen's fall from grace. Kudos to Scripps for moving on..

  • kvmccolganShe MADE the food network, everybody has made mistakes.
  • ahabaner0"Okayyyy, and lets just add four more sticks of butterrrr yalllll"
  • chefryanmooreScrew Paula dean. She sucks as a chef and as a person. And Mel__nn you're wrong. Keep thinking all non African Americans don't give a shit. Your comment really says alot!
  • onlykekepaniaGood Bye !! Dont come back!
  • mwong74Get your facts first before you judge!!!! When she made this comment, she had just been robbed at gun point at a bank she worked at over 30 years ago!! I'm not condoning the word she used but rather when she used the "n" word.. Put yourself in her place, do you think you would have rationalized every word that came out of your mouth after a terrifying event just happened to you... Know all your info before jumping to judge someone.
  • jennyqpaduaShe is from the south and very old... heard she have helped lots of people black and white I think her words where taken out of contest... all to favor the lawsuit against her. All this hate for what?
  • marlee106@mwong74...are u saying because she just got robbed justify her calling blacks derogatory names? Wow
  • mwong74@marlee106 -NO!!!! Did you not read what I wrote.... She was probably in shock, people in shock usually don't have no filter when speaking right after the incident. Now it's people like you who take things out of context. Read and TRY to process correctly what is written before one is so quick to judge..
  • ryanleet8oHer foods more harmfull to black people than she is..diabetes anyone?
  • marlee106Trust me I read what you said...u r basically justifying her behavior ...
  • akinlolu@antuna_angel so why is she been sued currently by someone that works in her Resturant for racial discrimination 😒
  • jennyqpaduaNot justifying just saying that she has helped people both black and white. If she is a racist, only she knows that and have to work with it.
  • mwong74I'm sure your perfect right??!!!
  • roychance_She loved us mexicans! Everybody has those days! Team Paula
  • ash_lindenPaula is awesome! I'll support her any day.
  • jennyglischPlease , if she really made those comments she deserves everything she gets.
  • grafixxxIt's just bull, haters gonna hate...
  • mamanna29If there's smoke, there's fire. Plus even when you are in shock if you don't talk a certain way or use a certain word it would not come out of your mouth. Just a fact.
  • abovebeyond62So much more information, which, if true, paints a very sickening picture of Paula, her brother. She had to know what was going on at her restaurant, but she tolerated it because , obviously, she didn't think there was anything wrong with the way things were done. I don't think Paula is the sweet Southern lady she presents herself to be.
  • andyziegThis is one mess her slaves won't be able to clean up.
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