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  • louieanderson#open4louie

  • willnoonanthecomedianMore at willnoonan.com/videos
  • bigrubeglpYo Yo Yo!!
  • bigrubeglp#open4louie
  • terrysaltyLouie, here is a clip of a routine I did when I opened for the Kingston Trio in Portland, Oregon. Since then, I have opened for Kellie Pickler, Terry Fator, B.J. Thomas, Donny & Marie, Daniel Rodriguez, Ronn Lucas, and just last month, Gordon Lightfoot. I am so proud that you have allowed me to open for you 12 times now. It would be an honor to be considered for your opening act. The best of luck to you my friend.
  • terrysaltySorry, new to this Instagram stuff. Helps if I post a link...
  • terrysaltyhttp://terrysol.com/Terry_Sol__LIVE_.html
  • comicroxyHttp://Youtu.be/Uuca9LIVRWY
  • comicroxy15 secs Roxy at The Edgewater Casino in Laughlin.
  • comicroxyLove you Louie! Please check out my clip. Love to open for you. More footage at www.roxyrich.com
  • williamelstonYo ..are you flying me out %
  • maggiegalinaPlease get ahold of me , I have a wide list of comics that would be perfect for your show . I would like to send U several videos of the different comics , it would be easier to send them to an email .can you provide me with one please ? thank you in advance .
  • la_juuice#openforlouie
  • bellaborchiaI just saw this video on Dish Nation, haha.
  • zentrafhttp://youtu.be/TgutwVwjYuM
  • johngcomedyIt'd be great to work with you in Vegas! I don't have instagram video on my phone but here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aghaJ-fLLF4 #open4louie
  • jensaundersonHi Louie, I hope you're doing well. =) I'm still based in Seattle and still working clean. Here's a video from last year at Zanies in Chicago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CwUkYBy2boU Have a good rest of your weekend. =)
  • lovenjerihttp://youtu.be/6FIcc6cPpaY
  • iloveneese@justcakey
  • jordaneyezicks#niceteeth
  • pooonnttaaaa@dubbelhakslinnea
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