#30SecondsToMars at a meet and greet last week - WEARING RUBBER GLOVES!  Nice message to send to your fans. #LivingInABubble #WeWillNeverBeThatBand #Dicks #PleaseSneezeOnThemIfYouGetTheChance
  • 5fdpchriskael#30SecondsToMars at a meet and greet last week - WEARING RUBBER GLOVES! Nice message to send to your fans. #LivingInABubble #WeWillNeverBeThatBand #Dicks #PleaseSneezeOnThemIfYouGetTheChance

  • lindapindapandaOh ma gawd....get over it already....
  • lindapindapandaTo back up @5fdpchriskael abit,Leto didnt shake my hand because he had just washed them so he's not that far off...
  • ryno_draperFUCKIN PUSSIES!
  • b_wolfe88Haha @5fdpchriskael your response to @vabeach6969 was so amazing. This is the reason I can't wait until you come back to Minnesota so we can shake each others sweaty disgusting hands after a show ;)
  • mistress_engel@5fdpchriskael once had to explain a subway sandwich dick joke to me. He could have been a dick explaining it to me or something but he was not. And jealous? Of 30stm? Oh please... He has more talent, looks, and character in his beard than the whole 30stm band does put together. Rock on Kael! See you in Nampa, ID!
  • trevtrev0330stm? More like 30std's!
  • lilianamtlThey use those gloves because of the permanent marker, it was their explanation 5 or 6 years ago. If they have a sexual intent now I wouldn't be surprised. It's all they talk about. I hope ffdp never get to where mars unfortunately are. It's disappointing to see.
  • lilyana_rlWhat the hell!
  • lilyana_rl..it disappoints me to say that I like..d .. 3 of their songs! Goodby dicks!
  • mcrmy_echelon09Lol...not gonna comment on this one, my fellow bros and sis have said it already. Please do be careful with ur opinion nxt time specially if u don't know anything. And specially if the fanbase is as big and close as the #echelon :)
  • shelbymajorLmao now I question why I was a fan of FFDP.
  • stinelemkeWho are you to judge mars.
  • missmatthersThey probably didn't want to get pen all over their hands while signing...? 30stm are amazing so sit down, I'll sneeze on you if I get the chance. @5fdpchriskael
  • 30secondstomarzzYou're fucking stupid. It was a signing, and it reduces the ink transfer. Wow. You're the dick here. You and your mediocre band can fuck off.
  • 5fdpchriskael@30secondstomarzz You realize I was sticking up for you, right? Ass.
  • 30secondstomarzzSticking up for me? How so? 😒 by bashing a band for doing something that wasn't meant to offend anyone?
  • dismalterrors@30secondstomarzz no tenéis ni puta idea!! Es una auténtica falta de respeto hacua sus fans. Les van a contagiar algo?? O es que sus fans están sucios?? @5fdpchriskael dio su opinión desde su punto de vista, nada más. 30seconds to mars es una banda de nenazas y para nenazas. @5fdpchriskael cheers from Spain!!!
  • 30secondstomarzzNo pusieron los guantes porque no querían agarrar nada, que lo pusieron para reducir la transferencia de la tinta. ¿Has oído hablar de eso? retardado. Si ese fuera el caso entonces ¿por qué haría multitud Jared surfeas?
    @dismalterrors lol
  • dismalterrorsjajajajaja @30secondstomarzz
  • 30secondstomarzz@dismalterrors que?
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