Flying into the weekend! Delightful @virginatlantic crew Corinna took this lovely pic
  • richardbransonFlying into the weekend! Delightful @virginatlantic crew Corinna took this lovely pic

  • rhyonce23@richardbranson please recruit flight attendants! Im the best thing you don't have in your fleet! #virginatlantic
  • mcpunk1430@richardbranson no exaggeration @virginatlantic is the best airline I've ever flown. The staff went out of their way to accommodate me.
  • 1967comptonVirgin all day long
  • scottbrownsfSweet pic!!
  • davstyleHot as always
  • ryan_rockeyIf we purchase a ZED on Virgin will they put us in upper class if space if avaible .
  • josephryanbarton@tarafdar87 - wat u think, he got De money no?
  • aliastar87Serious dough @preeminentbenevolence
  • flynnpenneyIve been on that!!!!
  • hydzz30I hope i can get a chanz to meet u in person 😉
  • richardbranson@mcpunk143 Great to hear Mike. Glad you had a great flight, hopefully see you on board again soon.
  • samisepic09876awseomeHey Richard I love virgin australia
  • tomme338Curiosity does a wealthy man @richardbranson have his airlines fixing Ozone or Spray ChemTrails... ***Contemplating Wealth
  • c.a_925I have flown all over the world, With many different airlines. NONE come close to flying Virgin!! It is so user friendly it's crazy. Everyone is awesome! The set up and innovation are light years ahead of the competition. Bravo Sir! Congratulations on the Galactic project.. I can't wait to see what's next! #GOVirgin
  • davstyleSo hot
  • cadejosepheglingtonHey Richo, was just reading your book "like a virgin". You talked about putting nervous flyers in the cockpit with the pilots helped ease their fear, but you can't do that now because of 9/11. Could you put a live camera in their and stream on a channel to all the tv screens on the plane? That would be fun to watch too. Cheers, Cade xo
  • nickycaesarBring Virgin to Canada!!! I'll be a flight attendant for you!!!✈️
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