Helloooooo, first day of summer from Oregon! Break out the margaritas and flip flops.
  • tshoxenreiderHelloooooo, first day of summer from Oregon! Break out the margaritas and flip flops.

  • jessaconnolly😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • chappatinchipsIt can only get better!No place like the great pacific northwest though!
  • jo_hanson06Oh wow. :-(
  • littleleafashHoly moly. That is crazy! I live in Ohio and its 85 - would've thought it would be similar up there!
  • lcaustinMy husband would *love* that kinda summer! He's not real fond of summer in Texas/
  • redeeming_tableOur plan was to pick strawberries today and its looking pretty gloomy out. So I made strawberry shortcakes for breakfast.
  • se7en_hoodsI find your weather hysterical... Mid winter here... 55 degrees Fahrenheit, we are all freezing to death under piles of blankets and no one willing to move to get dinner going... Just too cold!!!
  • littlecraigclanI wish that were our summer!
  • hurrayitsmeganWelcome to the PNW! :)
  • womenlivingwellOh no :(
  • mallory_crainYour caption made me giggle! I am dragging out our heater and throwing on a sweatshirt. Where's the sun?!
  • bethcstuartOh, PNW, I miss you and you mild temps. It's been much too hot here though I feel like I can hardly complain since we are living in Italy. Give and take...
  • vistylindgrenI'm in the grumpy camp too.
  • jlallen4is this typical summer weather for oregon?
  • rod4444Sarcasm noted. Margaritas and s'mores maybe?
  • tshoxenreider@jlallen4 well, I'm a relatively new transplant here still, but natives LOVE to tell everyone that it's not summer till July 4. So essentially, yes, it's normal for June, because summer here is more July-August.
  • tshoxenreider@rod4444 not maybe.
  • alissa_maxwellThe year we moved to bend, everyone told us about the SNOW from July 3rd the year before. =(
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