Last check of debate hall.  Getting ready. #demdebate #newhampshire See you tonight!
  • davidmuirabcLast check of debate hall. Getting ready. #demdebate #newhampshire See you tonight!

  • eleanor.sandbergThere's no way @davidmuirabc is not secretly a male model... Like holy smokes
  • macrosleeways@davidmuirabc Y'all need some balled up pieces of paper or something to throw at these candidates when they keep interrupting the moderators and talking over everyone.
  • chrispis4No he does lucy-juncaj-lesi78 I (bet) when you watch david muir he dosent like, blush at, you he (blushes) at, me as christa pellicci his fan from stamford ct, he dosent have to know (who) iam he's a (smart) young man, he can firgure out on his own, like it, dosent matter! In your (opinion) it, only matters in my opinion as christa pellicci cause, I like, him like who the firg do you think you are to (judge) me on who to like. Lady! Its none of your firguine business I have every right to like, (david) muir from (ABC) news as the new anchorman it's a free country (speak) it to the hand. Sister if david muir makes me happy he makes me (happy) ha you crack me up! You don't even know david muir and he dosent like. You so HA in your ducking bitch ass uglly bitch like you he probably doesn't have the hots for you stupid dumb# ass for a bitch that dosent have a brain no life# who lived in notheing but a fantaseyland you know what you make this (stuff) up all (inside) your head as it goes along your NUTS your crazy lady go get help your jealous!!!!!!!!
  • adriano0106Good job dude!
  • mpball03Super team🍸👌🏼👍🏻🇺🇸❤️
  • montes.jessieAs I watched you moderate tonight I thought of the guy I met on the train this past summer - very different guy - good job! xo
  • angiegramzSwagger jaguar
  • lifestylejessicaAn incredible debate well done David!
  • im_quincy_the_catDavid ❤❤❤
  • fabiolahosine😘😍😘😍
  • shmily_tran😙😘😚
  • maireeeeeeDamn son @miaagarland
  • miaagarland@maireeeeee SYRACUSE BOI
  • heron_peace#FeeltheBern
  • paulbohmlanderYour were an awesome debate moderator!
  • doncee917Well done.
  • andrenorthKeep up the good work at the gym..
  • dmiddMerry Christmas David 🌲🌲🌲
  • lauribme@davidmuirabc Have Merry Blessed Christmas!! 🎄😊
  • chloeewilshireHOTTEST NEWS ANCHOR EVERRR 😍😍😍 @janessalynnejackson 😂
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