• jol3neMy boys and I share a passion for #shoeshopping #jordan23

  • ca.ivarsson73👌😀
  • ravensrolltopMust be so busy there right now, but at least you can walk to Lemonade.😄🍽
  • pitboss300Very nice pic. Happy Holidays.
  • sylvieacraLove it! Can't wait to meet them Boys!😍😍😍 @jol3ne
  • kamillaacra❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • alh53You look like such a fun mom...
  • cabrera1543Very sweet! They're always such characters!.
  • larrydoolittleBeautiful boys
  • wyattm3485Happy Holidays to you & yours, Jolene! 😎
  • shane.klineBest to u and the family
  • cartermakeupI grew up with Trek and it's strong, female characters as my role models. Somehow I bypassed Enterprise when it aired but I'm currently watching the seasons on bluray. Just wanted to say thank you for your portrayal of T'Pol, and how great it is to still be able to gain inspiration and strength from someone via that platform. And seeing the reality of you being a loving mother and kind, mindful soul is just so awesome. Thought I'd reach out and convey my admiration from across the Atlantic. Come to London someday! LLAP ✌️
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