This is what the inside looks like! #hobonichi #hobonichiweeks #planneraddict #plannercommunity #plannerjunkie #veganplanner #plannernerd #plannergeek
  • veganorganizerThis is what the inside looks like! #hobonichi #hobonichiweeks #planneraddict #plannercommunity #plannerjunkie #veganplanner #plannernerd #plannergeek

  • duprethetripawdSuper cool
  • veganorganizer@duprethetripawd 😀😀
  • sunnybug72Did you make this? I've been searching for the perfect holder for my weeks but want it to function as a wallet, too.
  • veganorganizer@sunnybug72 I didn't make it; it's a travel wallet made by a company called Corkor (it's made from cork!). You can get them from or on Amazon. It's perfect as a Weeks cover and wallet! I did a YouTube review of it if you'd like to hear more details about it with links to buy it. Link to my channel is in my bio.
  • sunnybug72Thank you! I'll check out the video & amazon. I have the clear cover for my Weeks, will it fit with that on?
  • veganorganizer@sunnybug72 It's a pretty tight fit without the clear cover, so I don't think it will fit with it on. (I didn't really like the clear cover so I was quite happy to get rid of it anyway.) The wallet will keep it protected so that's not a worry. Hope it works out for you!!
  • rlfloydJust wanted to say a big thank you for sharing this awesome find of yours with all of us, and doing an in-depth review on it also. Just bought a Corkor travel wallet for my Weeks. Looks like everything I wanted. Now to wait patiently. :)
  • veganorganizer@rlfloyd Thanks so much for letting me know; I'm really touched!! So happy the review was useful. Waiting is the worst! I really hope you love it as much as I do. When you first get it, it may seem too tight, but I promise it will fit!! 😆
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