• gabyherstikI love this so much. @yumisakugawa reminds us to explore our darkness, and invite it in for tea and a slice of cake!
    Sometimes I feel really ashamed of my anger and passion and stubbornness and the fact that I very often get defensive. And I try to tame that side of me but sometimes we need our darkness. We need anger and passion and defensiveness.
    Part of the reason I love working with @the_numinous is because it's a journey to know (and love!) every part of myself. And that, my friends, is a gift !
    Happy Sunday, what are you reading today??

  • carla_h_sternI love this! Do you know Tsultrim Allione? She developed a beautiful Buddhist practice of feeding your own demons. It is so healing and beautiful. Happy Sunday!
  • gabyherstik@un.gschaut I don't but I'll look into her!!! That's so wonderful! All the love to you 💕
  • carla_h_sternYes, please do. I think you'll like it. I think the book is actually called "feeding your demons" 💕🙌🏻☺️
  • meowntaineer💓
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