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  • antranikdotorgIt's SO #fun cleaning up my #gymnastics #kip ! So many little things to work on.
    I noticed my legs were separating and knees bending so today I focused on keeping the legs both locked and together and they felt good!
    I managed to string two together which I usually don't do and ended with some pull outs which also feel awesome. ~~~
    #calisthenics #bars #redditbwf #bodyweight #fitness #skill #strength #circus #training like a #gymnast at da #OriginalMuscleBeach. #Kips are how #iMuscleUp. And as usual, #2pac is my homie.

  • masstodon_incWas down at muscle beach today. Just here for the weekend. Shoulda have hollered at you homie!
  • grayma7Out of curiosity, how much work do you think it'd take you to do the straight arm variation many gymnasts are seen doing? Would you just need more explosiveness from the kip?
  • antranikdotorg@grayma7 Doing it with straight arms is mostly a strength issue for me. I know as I keep cleaning up my technique the arms are becoming straighter (for example, in the next session I will focus only on doing it while looking at my feet the entire time, then another session where I focus on only keeping my arms straight), but in regards to a "timeline" IMPOSSIBLE to estimate these things over the internet... everybody has different height/weight/training experience/flexibility/etc..
  • antranikdotorg@masstodoninc yea man, I'll be there again today but only from like, 11am to 2-3pm because IT GON' RAIN later
  • grayma7@antranikdotorg ah okay interesting! As always, excited to see where you take it and good luck!!
  • johnnyanwarlike!
  • seg_nowHi we have some cool balanceboards for you. i can see you piloting one Have a look at my profile.
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