• coachtomzIt's been a great week in Barcelona and I have watched many great skaters practice and compete in all disciplines. One of the most impressive moments was watching Mao Asada sign autographs for and take pictures with everyone of her hundreds of fans who followed her from the arena, across the street and into the hotel lobby. My skater, Vincent Zhou was one of them. She did this with a genuine smile on her face and sincerity in the tone of her voice. She could have simply stopped after 15 minutes but she waited until every fan who showed up to see her was content. No matter how many more triple axels she lands or what other titles she wins while coming back again this season -- being this kind of role model -- is perhaps the most important part of her legacy she leaves for the next generation of champions in our sport. Mao, you rock!

  • mkblades👏🙌
  • aikes213I'm so touched by YOUR words😢 And it's extremely admirable that Mirai was saying Mao is her role model at NHK just last month (during the on-stage interview with Mao within the exhibition)☺️
  • jonorsmalteseShe will always be a epitomy and
  • jonorsmalteseLegend in the figure skating hirstory whatever the outcome ,shell be rerpected!!!
  • cindy.kamerWe love Mao!
  • rysmileeverydayGreat Mao, and great you sharing this touching story with us. #ThankYou ❤️🙏🏻
  • pon1955thank you very much! ありがとう
  • h16oko_m👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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