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  • bearmoondoe#JanetDubsmash

  • bearmoondoe@siara1229 Yes, Siara. They played it at the end of the show.
  • phillyboytoyCongratulations!!!! Excited for ya!
  • bearmoondoe@nathanshusbandray Thanks, Ray! Great Dubsmash, by the way. 😃
  • phillyboytoyThank you!! 😉
  • phillyboytoyWhat show are you going too?
  • phillyboytoyTo
  • bearmoondoe@nathanshusbandray Not sure yet. Either L.A., Anaheim or maybe Las Vegas. You going?
  • phillyboytoyI don't know... I'm all the way in Charlotte! If maybe my dub gets picked then yea lol
  • phillyboytoyThere's so many good ones! I enjoy watching them! I saw Janet back in the 90's, amazing performer!!!!
  • bearmoondoe@nathanshusbandray Aaah yes! Your dubsmash is great. Makes me laugh everytime. Good luck! Three more winners...☺👍
  • bearmoondoe@nathanshusbandray I've been very fortunate when it comes to Janet Jackson and her concerts. So I hope you get to go again!
  • phillyboytoyThank you friend
  • readyrochelleCongratulations! :)
  • bearmoondoe@readyrochelle Thanks, Rochelle!
  • siara1229Hey, since u got tickets, do u know how to enter the myvipmuseum for her show
  • bearmoondoe@siara1229 Technically, the View is only sending me a voucher for the tickets. I haven't received anything yet so I don't know what else that comes with it, like instructions on how to access the vip museum. But Gil Duldulao, Janet's choreographer and friend, replied to my tweet saying if I just show that I own the cd, then that should get me in. We shall see. Good luck!
  • siara1229Like a receipt from the store right?
  • bearmoondoe@siara1229 I think that should work. Can't say for sure. Gil didn't really specify. I'll see if I can get more details at some point.
  • siara1229Thank u so much, u r such a great help. I'm just glad we both got tickets 2 c her :), maybe we might get to meet her 2 lol
  • bearmoondoe@siara1229 you're welcome. That would be absolutely amazing if she was at the VIPmusic experience!!
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