• priceplowDabbling with the new @GiantSports straight stim pre workout.

    Can't tell you what's in it, but I can tell you that I'm not taking a full dose at first!! Stay tuned to the PricePlow blog to learn about the new stimulants about to hit the market hard! #PreWorkout #stimulants #nye #Workout

  • stangtxIn4 feedback!
  • priceplow@stangtx Well that was a fun workout. Heart rate was definitely elevated, mood great, monitor said I burned about 880 calories in 1:10. As you can imagine from the weight (and the "straight stim" comment), there's no pump ingredients here. Glad I didn't do a full serving. This was like 40%!! Gonna take a bit more to get some writing done now. Thinking that this is what everyone was hoping USPLabs would have come out with after Jack3d/DMAA was taken down.
  • stangtxThat sounds really great, thanks!... Though I really hope any form of yohimbe isn't in this, can't touch the stuff anywhere near a workout...
  • priceplow@stangtx just saw that comment. Giant Sports owners seem to HATE yohimbe. It definitely wasn't in this powder, and isn't in anything else they make!
  • stangtxLol, no prob @priceplow :) and good to hear, will definitely be trying it then 🙋
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