• bump.tobabyHello from Atlanta! ⛅️ We made it! Got here a little past 1AM, Emma was an angel! She slept 95% of the time, and when she was awake she was satisfied just watching Minnie Mouse and playing with her toys. 💗 I'm the luckiest Mommy ever! 💗 It's not very cold today, I like the weather change, I'm wearing a scarf just cause I can haha not because I need it. It's supposed to get very cold tonight though, and for the rest of the weekend which right now I'm looking forward to, but I know when I'm freezing I'll be wishing it was warmer, haha. 🌬
    Check out Emma's super cute White Bunny Slippers 🐇 from @myrobeez, they're a little big on her because EVERY shoe is huge on her, including newborn sized, she has such tiny feet! But these have an elastic ankle design, so they stay on her feet and don't fall out, love it! She'll be rocking them all weekend while we are enjoying the cold. ❄️

  • jenisawesomeduhShe looks so adorable. So do you! Happy New Years!! 😘
  • mruamayeBeautiful mommy and daughter!!! 😍
  • bump.tobaby@jenisawesomeduh Thank you! She still needs to learn to look at the camera, but she's so curious of her surroundings haha! Happy New Year! ❤️
  • bump.tobaby@mrudiaz Thank you Maye! ❤️
  • ladygersYou're like 2hrs from my house!!! 😄
  • bump.tobaby@ladygers Ahhh! Come here!!! 😉
  • ms_jamtrinbagoHappy New Years!
  • sarahnichole925So close to me!!!
  • cheloftheseaaaaThat lipstick 👍🏽
  • bump.tobaby@cheloftheseaaaa Thank you! It's NYX! I asked for a bunch for Christmas! 😍
  • bump.tobaby@ms_jamtrinbago Happy New Years! ❤️
  • bump.tobaby@sarahnichole925 Ahh! I'll definitely be back so we'll need to plan something! This was super last minute!
  • sarahnichole925Ahhh yes I would love too!!
  • derekjung89She is so adorable!
  • iyshie.nicholeSo pretty😍😍 Emma looks so big!!😭
  • bump.tobaby@derekjung89 Thank you Derek! ❤️ Next time you come hopefully we'll get to meet up, holidays are crazy!!
  • bump.tobaby@iyshiee Thank you! Yes, time is flying! 😢
  • carly.lutherWho told her she could start getting big 😭😭😭
  • derekjung89Agreed! It went by so fast 😫
  • codedprThat is the CUTEST little snow bunny ever! Adorbs ❤️
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