A recap and some thoughts on this past year for auld lang syne — on the blog, woolful.com
  • woolfulA recap and some thoughts on this past year for auld lang syne — on the blog, woolful.com

  • sarahcswettYou are doing lovely and important work. I look forward to seeing good it all unfolds. And welcome to Idaho!
  • soveryshannonLove this shot of you! Happy new year and thank you for all you have brought to this year!!!! 😘😘
  • missuskingLove you friend!
  • flyingfibersAshley, what a beautiful blog post. I wish you the best of luck in all you do next year ❤️ thank you for all you did for us, and all you do for the fiber community.
  • chberkomI loved your blog post Ashley. Thank you to everything you've talked/written/lived this year. I've learned so much by what you've shared and am very grateful! Many blessings on your family and your dreams for 2016! 😘
  • thestrandedsheepI enjoyed reading your blog post! You've done tremendous things for this industry and I've loved seeing your journey. I'm one of those who would love to see more personal posts from you so bring it on. I too am trying to find balance between working at an ad agency in the city, saving up for land for a farm and pursuing my dreams. It's a lot! You've done it beautifully. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2016. ❤️
  • tiddlesjimJust read your blog - 💕💕💕 Best wishes for 2016 :)
  • environmentsofgraceYou. Are. Cute.
  • joannefinelightnessHappy New Year, Ashley! I love you collection of things in this picture! ❤️
  • anickweckxAll the best wishes for 2016!
  • hannaontheroadWhat a beautiful post @woolful. Thank you for sharing. It resonated so much with me - the push and pull between a career in the tech world and finding out that there's more, so much more, to life. I hope your 2016 will be less painful and very fulfilling! Looking forward to hearing more in your upcoming personal posts.
  • squamlovexoxox
  • werlkjHugs! What a rough year you had, despite your obvious successes. You went through a crazy amount of transition as well. But, with your apparent tenacity, focus and will, I have no doubt you'll achieve even more in the future and, with a bit of luck, have even more happiness.
  • victor7040Looks comfy
  • coldmilefarmsteadI am lovin' that wall of treasures! Your collection? 💛
  • sheepy_hollowMuch love and blessings in 2016! 🌟
  • lesadonidesI loved that post!!! this is so inspiring, thank you very much for sharing, and wishing you the best for 2016!
  • handdrawnyarnFalling in love with your blog and podcasts! 😊🐏
  • wholelifewithamy@iam_thebodyelectric @natalierans @emily_bluecorduroy @alysia_moreno this is the fiber podcast I mentioned. So well done. ♡
  • wanderingsheep.ranch@woolful love the old hand shears on the wall!
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