"We gotta do a better job helping Paul out (on defense)... We have to make adjustments." - @royhibbert55 #ECF
  • nba"We gotta do a better job helping Paul out (on defense)... We have to make adjustments." - @royhibbert55 #ECF

  • black_____lionLebron me mama el bicho ese kbron......
  • jacob_skyU suck pacer u swear heat are a other were not only a other team we are legends
  • kerberos_Legends? Please ^^^^
  • tophe11@i_believe_in_matt_harvey_33 dude you're so gullible
  • josephinemissingmydaddydenneyNiggas be riding the heat dick like niggas ride motor bikes. All of a sudden they got millions of heat fans. Where ya'll was when Tim hardaway and big Zo was there. Stop dickkkkkkkk riding. Dick riding niggas.
  • _theoselimovic_Pacers should win🏀🏀🏀
  • onlychris86@josephinemissingmydaddydenney truuuuuu....Jamal mashburn, Dan majerle, pj brown...where was they then
  • joeioaneI'm a huge spurs fan n my fave playa alltimes David "the admiral" To Robinson, but iv been a LBJ follower since he was n highskool. So got a soft spot for the heat, but not a dickrider or wateva u say. U guys sound like all the kobetards dat Dnt evn rate LBJ, n evn put Kobe ahead of Jordan. Shiiiiit u guys know nufin bout ballin period!!!
  • bruceleeroy53If you think Kobe is better than LBJ let alone MJ, you don't know nuffin about hoop. Hatin' on one dude, and ignoring the run the Heat is on is just 'cause you don't like 'em is STUPID.
  • bruceleeroy53As for rings, give it time...too bad LBJ didn't get to play with Shaq when Diesel was killin it. He'd have more rings now too...
  • basketball_baller_17Pacers are awesome Roy hibbert
  • papi_rapPacers suck...Miami heat rule
  • stevyoblackGo Pacers! I just want somebody to be the cHEAT
  • stevyoblackIt's hard for the Pacers to beat the cHEAT when they have to the refs calling phantom fouls. cHEAT player trips himself, foul on PACERS
  • e_splash15O god
  • basketball_baller_17Roy hibberts awesome
  • chrisbepimpingRoy hibberts garbage
  • javin_westendorfRoy Hilbert is bad
  • neemagabayanROY HIBBERT IS BOSS
  • bigdaddismoothGood defender vertically but his lateral movement is lacking.
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