Caleb (13) blogging his 181st post related to his talent #unstoppable #10ktotalent #homeschool
  • 10ktotalentCaleb (13) blogging his 181st post related to his talent #unstoppable #10ktotalent #homeschool

  • kafomurphyOn your blog do you have all of your children's talents listed?
  • 10ktotalent@kafomurphy no, I don't have them specifically listed, though I might have used them in parts of my blog posts
  • 10ktotalentCorrection: Caleb informs me it his 191st post!
  • anytimenowpeopleMy husband gave a talk to the career class at our oldest's private high school, and he talked about the 10,000 hour concept. A few kids were already well on their way, and the rest really seemed to understand and agree. It's so cool to see young people have such focus and direction.
  • 10ktotalent@vikkis77 what prompted him to choose that particular topic? It's nice to hear others who get it.
  • anytimenowpeopleIt's something that we've been focusing on for our own kids, and when he was asked to come give a talk about his career, he knew this would be a good opportunity. It tied in nicely with his own personal experience, too.
  • 10ktotalent@vikkis77 what is the most difficult part you've observed in trying to implement talent development versus just doing school?
  • anytimenowpeopleTime is always a problem. :) Mostly though, it just comes down to finding the next age appropriate step for them to take. For example, my youngest is not responsible enough to let him fully explore building & wiring (he loves anything mechanical), so for now he's resigned to building with Legos. I'd love to let him go crazy, but that wouldn't be very safe.
  • anytimenowpeopleWe have been very lucky to be able to shift our curriculum to match their interests though. That's one thing I love about homeschooling our youngest 3.
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