Having hair this good isn't easy.
  • imaginedragonsHaving hair this good isn't easy.

  • ali_lueCan't wait to see you guys on Wednesday!!!😄😄😄
  • sophwensYou guys were so sick in edmonton last night @imaginedragons
  • jaywenzelBeen waiting in line for 3 hours to see you tonight in calgary. One more hour to go. Defs worth the wait!!
  • omyrtueLeave me leave me imma shut it all downnnnnnnn
  • rebeccakinzlyYour song Demons and Working Men should be in the top 10. U guys inspire me
  • _juliaryann_See u! Coming to your consert tonight
  • byuftbl@ifreakingloveimaginedragons I remember an even older version of Clouds with the original words. I think that version was better but you can't even find it on YouTube cause ID wanted it taken down. Sad. Wish they'd record the original original version. Never gonna happen though :(
  • _sarinamoore@imaginedragons I know you guys are probably busy with other things, so i will make this short. I think your song radioactive is really good and it would be my dream if you could respond to this comment and tag me, thanks!
  • emmacskauHe was amazing at guitar!! O man at the show he was greaatttt
  • avajazOMG I can't tell u how much I LOVE imagine dragons!!!! I <3 your cd night visions!!!!! Me and am friend Lexi dedicated ur song radioactive to our friendship and whenever it plays and we're with each other we freak out!!!!! Ur soooo amazing
  • uponmyowncloudhahahahaha awhhhh Wayne you look lovely and yeah true having that good hair is very difficult
  • cv.harrisMy friend Dallan hunt is related to u he met the band when u came to Salt Lake City
  • vitoriaguidugliTell me your secret, Wayne!
  • akafrenchie@annadumpe one for u
  • kathdikora👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • boww_its_alexisI'm going to your concert on September 28 and I have official platinum tickets.. Is that back stage?
  • salmaaxelizzYou guys are perfection
  • kyrackingYep Wayne has AMAZING hair😍💗
  • the_gro0ve_chakraAwesome #jimmypage look alike :)
  • kristina_issa😍😍😍😍😍 ehhmnn PERFECTION
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