From the set.. Getting ready to anchor @NBCNightlyNews.
  • anncurryFrom the set.. Getting ready to anchor @NBCNightlyNews.

  • lourdespaepkeAwesome--we love you Ann!!! :)
  • anncurryThank you for all the lovely messages about my anchoring @nbcnightlynews last night. Loveyouback, Ann
  • anncurry@steeryblade yes it is the same set Brian uses
  • anncurry@shree937 I'll be back in the chair tonight.
  • davidhieberThat is so cool! Mmm, those look like refrigerator doors in the back!
  • lionqueengReady to see you in anchor chair tonight, Ann. Thanks for the heads up. You're such a professional and an inspiration for others to persevere. Great job, Ann. You are loved by many viewers!!!
  • steerybladeThank you for replying!Look forward to seeing you again tonight. Love from England!
  • markhentgesI love you in that chair.
  • trueblukgSo great to see you on the air again tonight, Ann! I've missed you!
  • dydee54You do the best "thank you and good night"👍😃😘
  • shree937@anncurry shoot! I missed you again:(. Do I need to DVR you next week? My son is graduating from high school next week and will have family down in Southwest Florida! So don't want to miss you.
  • shree937@tflanatl
  • shaundailyIts great they let you out of the dungeon..
  • kourosGood to have you back on air.
  • jsinitieLoved seeing you each time these past couple of weeks! And your hair looks great!
  • keb180That's me in the corner facing the wall
  • mrgman61I stopped watching The Today Show when you left. In fact I have nearly cut out NBC all together. Not to sound creepy,,, but I miss waking up to your smiling face on my tele in the morning
  • twiggyandopalI have wanted to congratulate you on your success for many, many years. You have come a long way since our Home Ec. Days!
  • gabe_herrera71Hi Ann I'm a fan of yours and I saw you as a ground breaker and I wish I still saw you on today till this day and did you know they fixed studio 1a it's nice and hopefully one day I see you and today in the near future😀☀️ @anncurry
  • marshapwallYou are still missed on Today, so much, by so many. I miss your sweet compassion. I hope you'll Instagram prior to you being on TV so we can watch!! 💝😘
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