Record is done, having myself a listening party. Come on over!
  • detroitarunRecord is done, having myself a listening party. Come on over!

  • jpm.36Yes!!!! Can't wait to listen
  • joeyrosenboyCongrats!!
  • torrecioffiSend me :))))
  • nathanielrhettphotosI so happy to hear this!!!
  • brysonthriftI can't wait please release as soon as humanly possible
  • formaldehydegirlAahhh! Congrats, and also hell yeah! I can't wait to hear it!
  • trevdurningLiterally would do so much for this @detroitarun
  • brandonswansontattooYa know I can send u my email, I could use a new Saves the Day record
  • brandonswansontattooXoxo
  • tnb_xxoYayyyy.
  • christophezdCongrats!
  • richeyroseI wanna listen!!
  • troydavidmillCongrats Arun!
  • dweller.on.the.thresholdIt's hard for me to accept to STD albums. Ever since Sound The Alarm came out, it hasn't been the same. Not that change isn't good, but everything changed: the band line-up, Chris' voice and lyrical style. The last three records do not compare to the greatness of the first three records. It's just my opinion, though. Hopefully this new album will change my perspective.
  • detroitarun@emobots I completely disagree with you, but to each their own. Those records were done by teenagers, we are in our 30s now.
  • detroitarun@emobots also, to expect the band will stay stay the same after 15+ years is silly. Unless you're U2
  • dweller.on.the.thresholdYou're right. I blame the fact I'm a nostalgic person.
  • detroitarun@emobots those records will always be there. Us trying to do that again would be dishonest. I'll say this- the new one has a SWYA vibe, but more evolved IMO. Also, you were in Nice Device weren't you?
  • dweller.on.the.thresholdYeah. Played synth in Nice Device during their final years of existence. A lot of great traveling experiences came from being in that band.
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